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I’ll be fine. Just go, Dad. Two shots, All right? Two shots is it… That’s it. Middle pocket, Right? Right middle pocket. Ahh, You missed. Ondine! Ondine! Don’t I get seven years? Remember the bit about Selkie man? The husband? Well he is here. And he is taking her back? Yes. I’ll see you at home then, ha… A guy was batterised in Glassgow,Ha.. No, Seriously, He was six times over the limit. What if I take foot path? Look darling, You are still in charge of a flippin’ vehicle right? I’ll go slowly. Tell him to pis off. I wish I could.. Wish then. I can’t. You can grand a wish. You sure? Annie say so. Oke. I wish she wasn’t sick. So do i. And I wish you would stay. That’s two wishes. One for you, And one for me. Have you got your lights on, Hey? The cops will get you if you don’t. Maybe it is all a lie. Maybe you walked in to the sea, To get away from a bad marriage. Would you believe that? I did it once. What happened? I got wet, Got sense, Got sober. That’s not the story though. What is then? Like Annie says, I’m a Selk. Somethings up.

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