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Now you march right back to your room and change. Look, Mom, I’m years old, and I can do whatever I want, so just get off my case, okay? (wolf whistling) (cat calling) (bell ringing) Kim. May I see you for a moment? Sure. Would you mind closing the door? Shall I lock it? That won’t be necessary. What’d you want to see me about, Mr. Donaldson? I think you know what it’s about. No, I don’t. What’s the idea coming to class dressed like that? I had nothing else to wear. Don’t tell me that, Kim. I know better than that. What’s wrong with it? You disrupted the class, that’s what’s wrong with it. There were more eyes on you than there were on the blackboard. Is that so terrible? Would you try to keep in mind that this is a place of learning, not a beauty contest? I’m surprised you haven’t been called into Mr. Elmhurst’s office! I was hoping I’d turn you on a little, Mr. Donaldson. What? I dressed this way just for you. Don’t you know you’re my favorite teacher, Mr. Donaldson, and I’ve always had a thing for you Radio What’s the meaning of this? I think you’d better get out of here. Why, am I getting to you? I hope. Would you please leave, Kim. Sure. What are you doing after school? What I’m doing after school is hardly any of your business. If you’re interested, I’ll be at High Point. I’m not interested. Think about it, huh? High Point. I’ll be there, alone. Come on, Kevin, let’s go. Can’t you get your eyes off of that slut? That’s right, Kevin, you’d better hurry up before she takes away your allowance. What did you call me? You’re nothing but a cheap slut. Bitch, at least I don’t have to pay for it. You couldn’t afford to, dearie. Let me know if you need a loan. Hey, wait a minute, there’s Tony. I gotta talk to him for a second. Back this thing up. Peace, bye bye. Woo, Kim, Jesus. Is that you? I mean Radio Is that really you? Yeah, Tony, that’s really me. Listen, I gotta see you later tonight, okay? Okay, but why wait til tonight? You’re seeing me right now. Get in. Haven’t time. But I want to meet you later, alright? Okay. Hey, wait wait wait a minute, what’s this all about, anyway? I decided I want to make some money. I want to talk business with you. Oh, so you’re gonna finally make that hot body of yours pay off, huh? Dynamite. Want me to pick you up at your house? No, not there. I’ll meet you at the parking lot of the disco, okay? Alrighty, what time? Nine o’ clock. Okay, I’ll see you at nine. Bye. Bye bye. What was that all about? Nevermind. Hey, can you take me to High Point? High Point, why? I gotta meet someone there. Way up there? Who? What is this, questions? Just take me there, okay? I’ll tell you later. Over here, Mr. Donaldson! Look, Tony, the girl usually gets percent, right? That’s all I want! Well, you’re getting and that’s it. I’m getting you the business, aren’t I? You’re using my van, aren’t you? What the you want? Okay, . What are you, deaf or something? I said , , ! for you and for Uncle Tony. You don’t like it, you get yourself another business manager. Okay. And no more rough stuff, huh? And I can’t work during school hours. What, are you kidding me? I thought you were dropping out. I intend to graduate with top grades. What’s so important about school? It’s important to me, okay? [Tony] Okay, whatever. Let’s try out the bed. What? Look, honey, I gotta know what your action’s like. If it’s no good, I can’t sell a bad piece of ass. My action’s good, Tony. It’s real good. You don’t even have to worry about that. Look, honey, when you buy some stuff from me, you sample it first, right? Right? Well, it’s the same with me. I gotta know what your action’s like, or the whole deal is off. Now let’s go in the back. Okay. I will take you up there once more. But I’m not gonna say that I like it. Look, you’re not gonna have to do it much longer. Pretty soon I’ll have enough money, and I’ll be able to get my own car. But do you really know what you’re doing, Kim? I mean, really know? No lectures, huh? But you’re a hooker! So what, it’s better than giving it away, isn’t it? Come on, let’s go, Tony’s probably already there. Hi. How are you doing? Alright. You just made it, here he comes now. Hello there. Hi. This is Mr. H. Why don’t you treat him good, okay? Mr H, bucks. Now, come on, up front. Oh, of course, of course. Thank you, Mr. H. Okay, I’m gonna go across the street to the hot dog stand. You guys have a good time, okay? Let’s get it on. Which way do you want it? [Mr. H] I prefer the French way, if you don’t mind. [Kim] Sure, why not. Beats the Greek way. Kim, that’s the best. Feeling’s mutual. Haven’t had enough, have you? Paid the man for one serving. Didn’t know this was a smorgasbord. I’m ready whenever you are. Alright- Wait a second. No freebies. Pay me cash direct, and I’ll give you a discount. So, finally found some time for me, huh? The next report cards are about to come out. I want you to know what grade I expect. Expect? What grade do you expect? An A. An A? Well, you really reach for the moon, don’t you? I reach for it, and I get it. You’re gonna get just what you deserve. You’re out of your mind, you know that?

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