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What happened to you? I said, I tried to commit suicide! Huh? Suicide? Yes, help me. Wait, wait, you want me to help you die? No, take me to the hospital. I changed my mind. I don’t want to die. Okay sure, we’ll be there. Okay, okay we’ll be there. Hurry up, hurry up- I’m sleepy. Yes, don’t sleep Aida. Don’t ever sleep, you might die. We’ll be there okay? Mia, let’s go. Why? Hurry we need to bring Aida to the hospital. Hurry up. Why? Tell me first what happened, I’m still sleepy! She tried to commit suicide then she changed her mind. Let’s go and bring her before it’s too late. Why did she changed her mind? Ma’am! Aida! Ma’am! Don’t sleep Aida. Fight it. Aida, no, no, no. Lita help me quickly! Mia, the car! Aida here you go. Came on come on. Don’t sleep fight it fight it. Mia, Mia start that car, start the car! Yes, it’s on. Aida don’t sleep! Fight it. Mia slap her face, so she can wake up! Oh no she’s falling asleep slap her! It’s not working. No? Harder Mia! Harder! Here this is harder! There there it’s working. It really hurts. Okay. Get in the car, get in the car. Go, go, go! Can I slap her again? No need, it’s okay now. No need? It’s okay? Aida, Aida there you go. Watch the head, watch the head ha, okay, okay, there. Mommy! Okay. Mia join there. Doc, how’s Aida? You’re the family? No, we’re just her neighbors. She’s gonna be alright. We had to pump cut her stomach because she tuck in tablets and capsules. ? Good thing she survived? Fortunately, most of them were not lethal. I haven’t heard of someone committing suicide… by taking tablets of ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid? Suicide by ascorbic acid? Your friend is really foolish. How’s her son? He wants to go here. Bring him here. Poor kid. I’m sure he’s very worried. So you can check also our kids. We left them alone in the house. I’m sure they are awake now. So how? I’ll leave you here? I can’t just leave her here. What if she wakes up, thinks of committing suicide again… luck for ascorbic acid, then it’s your responsibility? Okay. I’ll fetch Ethan. Okay. Stay here.

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