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Light. Sorry. Soon as I pull this module, the entire computer’s gonna shut down. Well, what happens then? I’ll get it back up as quickly as I can. Hurry! Jim! Okay. Control computer restored. Venting reactor. But we fixed it! Reactor vent failed. Manual override required. Vent failure. Come on! Jim. Outer door non responsive. What does that mean? The outer door is jammed. We’ve got to open that door and cool the reactor down, or the whole ship is gonna blow. How? I got to go out there. Open it from the outside. I open the door, I get clear. You blow that fire into space. You get clear? You can talk to me through this. What happens to you when that door opens? Heat shield. It might help. You might need this. It’s gonna be okay. I better go. Jim. Jim. Come back to me. I can’t live on the ship without you. Warning. Temperature critical. Ow! What’s wrong? What’s the matter? Are you okay? Nothing. Go. You sure? Go. I’m at the vent tube. New anchor point. Reset tether. I see the door. Temperature level rising. Warning. Temperature critical. Containment unstable. Where are you? I’m at the door. I’m ready. Just say when. Here goes. The door won’t open. I’ll have to bypass it. Temperature level rising. Jim, come on! Please hurry! Okay, I’m trying it again. Tell me when you’re clear. “No!” What’s going on? Jim? Jim! The door won’t stay open. I think I have to stay here. Hold the door open. What? No! No way! Get out of there! I can’t. Jim. We’re out of time. Containment unstable. Jim? Vent the reactor. No! You don’t understand! If I open the door right now, it’ll kill you! I’m hoping not. Come back in. We’ll think of something else. There is nothing else. Jim! It’s okay. No! It’s not okay! Aurora Warning. Temperature level exceeded. This isn’t what you said was gonna happen! Aurora, this ship is gonna go. I don’t care! You die, I die. There are , other people on this ship, Aurora. We have to do this. Maximum pressure reached. Do it. Now. Maximum cabin pressure reached. Mum Temperature dropping. Jim. Jim? Vent successful. Rebooting process initiated. Jim, please say something. Suit pressure dropping. Return to ship immediately. BEEP} Aurora? It worked! You did it! You can come in! Uh, yeah, about that. What’s the matter? Are you hurt? I got blown out of the tube. What? My tether broke. I can’t get back to the ship. I’ll come out. I’ll come out. I’ll pull you in. Warning. Oxygen level critical. Return to ship immediately- Aurora, I’m sorry. For everything. Shut up. I’m coming. I wish we’d have met in years. I’d I’d have built you a house. I’d have read your book. It’s gonna be great. Tether attached. Locate Jim Preston. Jim Preston located. I’m coming to get you. Jim! I’m sorry. The patient is dead. Well, resuscitate him! Postmortem operations require authorized medical supervision. No. Jim. Override! Override on my authority! ID – Two Two. Two. —. —! ID —! Resuscitation. Multiple procedures are not recommended. Override! Do it now! Executing. Hi! Jim! Hey, Jim. You brought me back. Yeah. Thank you. Be still. Of course.

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