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For my teeth. And we’ll be back. And we’ll be back soon. Not yet. [According to medical records,] [Dee Dee brought Gypsy to local hospitals] [over times between and .] Gypsy: If we’d be going to the doctor, she would do all the talking. I’d always have a stuffed animal or a Barbie doll. She’d just tell me just play with my Barbie doll. And if the doctor would come to examine me– “Just stay in the wheelchair, be calm, play with your doll, and don’t move your legs.” [Gypsy underwent multiple surgeries during her hospital visits.] [They included gastrointestinal operations,] [eye procedures, and the removal] [of her salivary glands.] I was just as much in the dark as everybody else. The only thing I knew is that I could walk. As for everything else, you had the leukaemia and the epilepsy. I was taking medication that she said was cancer medicine. She would shave my head and say, “Well, it’s going to fall out anyway, so let’s just keep it nice and neat.” I just went on blind faith that a mother knows best. [The medications Dee Dee gave Gypsy induced many of the symptoms [of diseases doctors thought they were treating.] You’re supposed to love and protect your children. How could you do this to your child? Dr. Marc Feldman: Gypsy Rose Blanchard [Skype interview] was as consistently and viciously subjected to, [Clinical Psychologist] in my opinion, Munchausen by proxy [Munchausen expert] as anyone I’ve come across. Munchausen by proxy involves a caregiver [Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome] who either feigns or actually induces illness in her children. And her goal is some kind of emotional gratification– looking for sympathy, attention, care, concern that she feels unable to get in any other way. It is a form of child abuse, first and foremost. Gypsy: The earliest surgery that I can remember probably would be having my feeding tube put in. You have to have it constantly changed, like every six months. And that would be pretty painful, because they don’t put you under anaesthesia, they just take you in the emergency room, rip the old one out, and put a new one in. I don’t know why these procedures were done or how her mother was able to convince the doctors. “Mind-boggling” is the only way I can put her ability to manipulate people. Basically, each one of these paperclips is some medical record where Dee Dee essentially lied to the doctor about something. Mentally, Gypsy is behind. She’s at the level of a seven-year-old on mother’s information. And this is something that you see almost across all of the records, is “Upon mother’s information,” “Upon history by mother.” So she’s talking to the doctor here and she’s talking about how she has mental and developmental delays, needs assistance. Apparently, “while holding her hands over Gypsy’s ears, so as not offend, history of mental retardation– seven-year-old level, per mom.” And so, this was the one time where a doctor actually put in the record that Dee Dee’s got her hands over Gypsy’s ears, so Gypsy can’t even hear what Mom is telling the doctor. Then we get into the family history. The family history changed depending on what doctor she was at. You’ll notice here, we don’t get a whole lot of Radio She’s at the cardiologist. Right, she’s at the cardiologist, and so they all died of a heart attack. Now, this was the first one that jumped out at me. She ends up going to the neurologist, Dr. Flasterstein, and so Radio the very first thing right off the bat– “Mother is not a good historian,” which is interesting, because he puts that in bold and underlines it. Dr. Flasterstein: One of the things that was a big discrepancy was that for a person that has not walked for nine years, for years, she should have, technically, almost no muscles in her lower extremities. But she did have muscles that looked quite normal. And she was able to support her body weight. I remember her standing. So, I had a big doubt about the whole thing, from the beginning. Stanfield: He says, “Since last seen, I managed to talk to one of her previous providers. She specifically remembers Gypsy Rose and mentioned that her previous neurologist clearly reported the fact that

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