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What are you thinking, Max? Watch this. The chief is about to have a great idea. With a dog? Wait. I just had a great idea. You could enter Max in the show. What about droopy over here? No, no, sorry. The sergeant… Are you nuts, Max? You’re a street dog with a temper. What do you know about dog shows? I made a promise to a scared little panda, and I aim to keep it. Who knows where this dog’s gonna bite me next? FBI director Deal with it. Besides, how hard can dog shows be? I’ll just google it. rock and roll intro man Viva Las Vegas Viva Las Vegas How I wish that There were more than Twenty-four hours in the day And even if there were more I wouldn’t sleep a minute I give props to hip-hop So hip-hop hooray Ho Viva Las Vegas Hey, ho Are you doing this on purpose? After five hours in a travel crate, we’re listening to my music. Will you stop? Max, stop it. That… No, no. station changing Ho Viva barking What kind of dog likes hip-hop? I give props to hip-hop Boy, this guy really doesn’t like hip-hop. Look, clearly we got off on the wrong foot, okay? I-I-I… We should be friends. We should be best friends. You’re a dog. I’m a man. Here. Go on. Go fetch. Fetch? Fetch? You gotta learn something about me, okay? I don’t play the dog-and-master bull. What… You want a best friend, get a labradoodle. ‘Cause I ain’t interested. Where are you going? I’m sorry. But I got real police work to do. sighs Bad dog. Heel. Heel yourself, chump. human. dog. dogs barking female announcer Welcome, Canini competitors. The opening night gala begins poolside at :. Dress to impress. Late entry registration is available… Agent Nichols. FBI. woman Come on in. Hey. Hi. I’m Mattie Smith. Oh, wow. You’re the Bureau’s canine consultant? scoffs I-I was expecting more of a cat lady type, you know. Oh, sorry to disappoint. No, I… chuckles Don’t… sighs No dog smell, huh? I mean, no, it’s-it’s impressive, you know, with the fluffing and the folding and… So did you wanna just bring him in? Him? The dog. The rottweiler. Am I not speaking English?

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