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There’s something I have to show you. In command mode, it turns out the Autodoc has an option called Stabilize and Suspend. It stops all metabolic activity. What are you saying? With Gus’s ID, it can be like hibernation inside the Autodoc. You can go back to sleep. But there’s only one Autodoc. Yeah. And you’re gonna lay down in it and fall asleep. And you’ll wake up on Homestead ll. And you’ll write your book. You’d finish your journey. You’d do what you set out to do. You’d be alone. I’ve been alone before. And I’ll be fine. But I would never see you again. I’ll come and visit you. Tuesday is my day with Arthur. Lovely as ever. Thank you, Arthur. You’re looking very well yourself. Thanks to you. What’s that? Something I’ve wanted to give you for a long time. It’s beautiful. Took you long enough to ask. Champagne. I’ll wait. Hell of a life. Hell of a life. Crew wake-up process initiated. My fellow passengers, if you’re reading this, then the Starship Avalon has reached its destination. Grand concourse. A lot happened while you slept. A friend once said, “You can’t get so hung up on where you’d rather be” “that you forget to make the most of where you are.” We got lost along the way. But we found each other. And we made a life. A beautiful life. Together. There’s so much on my mind I don’t know where to start There’s that light in your eye Filling up the dark Just levitate, just levitate Just levitate, just levitate I know that we’re far From where we need to be But the world wasn’t made in just one day Though our journey’s long I know our love is strong You’re my shooting star We’re flying higher, babe Just levitate, just levitate Just levitate, just levitate Just levitate, just levitate Just levitate, just levitate When I’m stuck in the middle of hell and faith And I don’t know where to turn To bend my mind as the silver gate You lead me on my way Just levitate, just levitate I would never wear this to count down, obviously. But, yeah, tonight I’m a zombie bride and, hey, can you be a zombie bride at your work? JAKE: Yeah LAUGHS CAM: Oh, I’m a dessert chef. So, I make, like, panna cottas, crème brûlées, pavlovas and meringues. I do a nice chocolate pudding with, like, hokey pokey and a nice caramel sauce with it. Beautiful. INTERVIEWER: What are you afraid of in real life? SPEAKER: I’m afraid of commitment. SPEAKER: Of my mum. JUNEEN: I’ve been with Spookers for nearly three years. It’s something that I’ve wanted to do for years but never quite had the confidence to do an audition and things like that. ‘Cause I was always quite shy. But not so shy anymore. GROWLS . For the last years I’ve done insurance claims and in insurance you really have to be nice to people and regardless of whether they say you’re wrong or not, you still have to sort of be professional. Whereas over here you’re paid to scare people. I’m on a bit of a holiday from any kind of corporate employment, mainly because I’m over it. SAM: When I originally auditioned here I thought I would never get through. I just convinced myself

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