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I say he called Number to get rid of a witness. He didn’t call Number . How do you know? I just do. Because I know him, he’d never even think about it. Give me his name, I’ll do the rest. I… I guess you don’t understand, let’s do it this way. I ask a question and you answer or I’ll cut your sweet face. Who was it? He’s a politician named Malgradi. Malgradi? I’ll tell you all about him, just don’t hurt me. I can’t stand just staying here, just the thought bores me. Get up, Viola. Go take a walk! Go out, I want to be alone! Take me to Rome, I gotta get a wax. Pull over here. Here? Hello. Miss? Excuse me, do you have an appointment? Stop, Miss, please. off! Can I help you? Ehi! Let’s go. C’mon! Thanks for coming. You never age, I haven’t seen you in ten years. Stop this mess between you and the Ostia guys. I didn’t make any mess. To kill Number you almost caused a massacre. Let me remind you he killed my brother and a few hours later they wiped out two kids I saw born. No one can stop my revenge. It’s not the moment to have a war between you. I’m on a project in the interest of the Families and I need peace and quiet. A project? What project? A project. It must be a big deal if you’re in it, how come I don’t know nothin’? Because it’s in Ostia, it involves politics, finance. Till yesterday you were loan sharks for nobodies. Okay, but we’ve grown now and they all respect us. To your face, because you scare them, but from behind? They still call you shit gypsies. You’re still a couple of Shylocks. I don’t give a about that bullshit, I just want to even up the corpses, I’m only sorry I didn’t kill Number like a dog. I’ve told you what I had to. Think twice before going against me and the Families. You shit! You’re a piece of shit! You make me sick! I trusted you! you! In the parties you organize, full of pussy and dirty politicians, have you ever heard talk of this project? If you tell me who’s behind it, I’ll give you your villa back. Of course I’ve heard about it, it’s a huge project, they want to make a kind of Las Vegas in Ostia: casinos… A group has been pushing for months, but approval is set for next year. It’s for now, they did something to move up the project. That’s something I don’t know. To push it through, they need a politician, it might be this Malgradi. Aida! I’m working. Malgradi? Maybe. Maybe? Yeah. Get out, all of you, you’ve pissed me off! You’re driving me nuts! Know what, I’m leaving! Let’s go, come with me. in’ bastards! You’re just in’ bastards! Damned them! You off too! You walking shitter! I’d like to call on this politician, know where he lives? Yes. What do you mean by “call on”? A courtesy call. Has he got a bodyguard? He has a driver, but no bodyguard, why? Let’s go, move. This building, top floor. Perfect. He lives here. Let’s go! Give me time to walk away. You’re coming too. You talk better than me, you talk to him. All the times we crossed paths at parties? He’ll recognize me! See? He won’t recognize you now. Is this a joke? Don’t piss me off! You can’t go, you’re in this like us. You gotta get dirty, so you don’t go running to the cops. What’s going on? Stop, you piece of shit! What do you want? Please don’t hurt us! Shut up! Give them everything, please! Now listen to what this friend of mine says and answer him straight. Say you will. Say you will! Yes. Louder! Yes. Come here. C’mon! The bill for the construction of all those hotels, the casinos and the Olympic structures at the beaches of Ostia is going to pass now, right? We’re talking about the “Waterfront”, right? Is it true you’re the one getting this law passed? Is it you or not? I’m in it too. Mommy! Sweetie, stay away, it’s nothing! Shut up! Look at me! Do you know me? Get a good look! Know me? Know who I am? No, I don’t. I’m the brother of the guy you had killed, Dagger’s brother. I didn’t do… Filthy rat! He’s gone and you’re still here breathing, so listen up good: you gotta block this law and tell your bosses at the top we want a cut of %. %. Tell ’em that, do like I say. And just to be sure, lovely lady, we’re takin’ this little toy,

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