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WOMAN: “The Journal” just went online with the story. We have minutes before the press descends on this place. HORWITZ: Let’s do this. (ZIP TIE ZIPPING) Mr. Madoff. ANDERSON COOPER: It’s very strange and troubling news. .out of Wall Street tonight. Former NASDAQ Stock Exchange chairman Bernard Madoff. .out on $ million bond. This man with a stellar reputation. .seems to have taken a whole lot. .of very smart people to the cleaners. The man they trusted the most with their money, .a NASDAQ chairman years ago, .is now confessing to authorities. .he cheated them of billions of dollars. And there’s a bunch of big-time investors. .wondering, how a guy named Madoff. .made off with their money. (SIGHS) What’s gonna happen, Bernie? I don’t know. Are you gonna go to jail? Probably. For how long? I don’t know, Ruth. For a long time or a little? I don’t know. What? I don’t know. Are they gonna take the apartment away? I don’t know. What about the houses? What about the boys and the grandkids? Ruth. Ruth, enough. Look I just wanna know if. I’m sorry if I have questions, Bernie. I’m sorry if I’m a little scared, okay? It’s just you always keep me in the dark. I keep you in the dark to protect you. Yeah, well, it doesn’t feel that way anymore. I just wanna know what’s going on. Please, Bernie, don’t keep me in the dark anymore. Just tell me. Tell me. Tell you what, Ruth? (CRYING) Just tell me, I don’t know. .what you did. BERNIE: I met Ruth when she was . I was . A friend was having a party in his basement Something had happened to the jukebox. It got knocked around when he was moving it, .so the only song it’d play was “Sh-Boom” over and over. She was this tiny, little blonde. .with enormous blue eyes. Just gorgeous. Very funny, too. You remember that actress Goldie Hawn? DIANA: I do very well. Yeah, that was Ruth. She’d wake up every morning without a care in the world. Very lively, very bubbly. Popular, too. Were you popular? Oh, yeah. I mean, I was a lifeguard at the time. Best job I ever had. I mean, why just be some regular schnook on the beach. .when you can be in a guard tower, .everyone looking up at you? And you get paid. Did Ruth ever get jealous? BERNIE: For the rest of the summer, .she laid out right next to the. the guard tower every day. Sometimes I’d whistle down at her .and she’d look up and call me a dog. But I liked having her there. It felt good. I mean, we’ve basically been together .every day since the night we met. It’s our st anniversary coming up. Mm. How do you think you were able to keep it all separate? For years, I kept this secret from my wife, .my brother, .my sons. (SIGHS) How I was able to do that. .and maintain any degree of sanity, .well, it’s, uh. .that worries me when I think about it. d Oh, oh, yes d d I’m the great d d pretender d d Ooh, ooh d d Pretending d d that I’m doing well d d Ooh, ooh d d My need is such d d I pretend too much. d Those are fresh? Yes, sir. They are really fresh? Fresh this morning. Not freshly frozen? No, sir. Fresh, fresh, okay. d I’m the great d d pretender. d Check

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