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exterminated on arrival. “They were more valuable dead. “Their clothes, their hair, their teeth were a cash asset. “But Esther and I survived through that year. “I had been an architect before the war, “and knew enough of carpentry to get skilled work. “We laboured hours a day in the camp workshops, “or else at the lumber mills in the damp frozen woods near the coast. “Several times during the following winter, I thought Esther would die. “The hunger, the cold, and the constant brutalities, “seemed to have broken her spirit and her will to live. “Yet, compared to some, we were fortunate. “Many of the prisoners were given no food at all “until they died of starvation. “Roschmann had a hobby. “He liked to destroy human beings. “First their soul, then their body.” Was ist denn los, man, Weichheitsercheinungen? Er hat doch nichts mitgebracht. Ich habe mit ihm gesprochen. Er ist doch erst . ROSCHMANN: Nehmen sie sich zusammen, man. (GASPING) Nummer eins! Feuer! Nummer zwei! Feuer! (GUNSHOT) Nummer drei! Feuer! Nummer vier! (GUNSHOT) Los, fertig machen! (GUNSHOT) TAUBER: “Sometimes Roschmann amused himself “by kicking those about to die as they huddled together naked, “stripped of dignity and of all hope. “He enjoyed watching the dogs feed on them “while they were still breathing. “We had seen a strange van, “grey coloured, waiting near the gates of the camp. “It had false windows painted on it. “There were drawings of people laughing and picnicking. “To the workers in the fields outside the camp, “when the van went by, “it must have looked as if there was a holiday party “eating and drinking inside. “Some prisoner musicians were made to play, “to add to the festivities.” (JAUNTY FOLK TUNE) Danke. Sie bleiben hier. Salomon! Überlassen sie das uns. Aber meine Frau . Salomon! Komm doch! (DOGS BARKING) Salomon! Kommst du mit! TAUBER: “But we had soon found out “that the van had a very different purpose. “Roschmann had converted it into a gas chamber. “The exhaust pipe had been fed back into the van, “so that everyone inside was suffocated by the fumes.

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