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Gypsy does not have muscular dystrophy. Analyzing all the facts, and after talking to her previous paediatrician, there’s a strong possibility of Munchausen by proxy Radio ” What? Radio with maybe some underlying, unknown ideology to explain her symptoms.” Once in a while, we report patients to Social Services. We do that when we feel that there’s a neglect. But a neglect is different from what this mom was doing. She wasn’t really neglecting her, she was over-treating her. We have a system, which is a big integrated system, that decided to adopt her and bring her, support her. So many people looking at her, knowing the history, knowing what she was going through, knowing what she went through, I would have been rejected on the spot. So all that I could do was put that in my notes. Nobody in the system ever said anything about it, and I didn’t see it right to keep going in convincing other people that something is not right here. Now Radio Un-freakin’-believable. Radio here’s the interesting thing. This is the last record from Mercy, here in Springfield, until . So, this is . Rod: Eight years. What I couldn’t figure out was how Dee Dee figured out that Dr. Flasterstein was on to her. But if you look at a lot of these social work notes, Dee Dee’s requesting medical records. She would have gotten a copy of this letter. But I still don’t understand why you put your child through this. I don’t know. I mean, the thing is Radio Good question. Radio it just keeps going. And it would have kept going ‘Cause her mama was an insane, compulsive liar. Rod: Dee Dee and I met at the bowling alley one night. Met up again a couple of weeks later. And then we started dating then. She got pregnant. She got pregnant and Radio being from the South, I guess, it was– I was raised where if you got a girl pregnant, then you got married. There was no other question about what you did. I was . I woke up on my th birthday and I’m like, “What am I doing here?” She was kind of into some dark– darkness– dark things. Uh Radio she started talking a little bit about witchcrafts and just different weird, dark stuff like that. It was kind of weird. She had a pet tarantula. Dee Dee was my aunt. Um, real Radio weird girl. I would think she’s bipolar, no doubt. Multiple personalities, perhaps. Definitely Radio an evil person, I would say, you know? To shave your kid’s head and say that she’s got leukaemia? You’re a sick individual. MC: At this time, we’d like to present to you South Lafourche ROTC Military Queen, Ms. Clauddinea Pitre. Her escort– Sergeant Earl Longden. Clauddine “Dee Dee” Pitre Radio Carr: What was Dee Dee like as a child? What, baby? What was Dee Dee like as a child? What was Dee Dee like as a child? Dee Dee? She was okay. We were pretty close, me and her. Yeah, I would give her everything that she wanted anyway. Whatever she wanted. Except a dog in the house. I didn’t want that. Now we wind up– we got two dogs in the house. Ahem, but this– she was something else. Laura Pitre: She was a very filthy person. If it didn’t go her way, she’d see to it that you would pay. And did we pay. Paid a lot. She opened credit cards in my dad’s name, my grandpa’s name, ran up crazy bills. Supposedly, America’s Most Wanted was looking for this girl. Laura: Slidell– she was wanted. Bad checks in New Orleans. Claude: No matter where she went, she was doing all kind of stuff. She was poisoning my stepmother. Supposedly, she was giving her some Radio Roundup in her food and stuff. She was putting some poison in my food. The same thing she had put in the plant. And she wind up– she stayed nine months in bed after that. She couldn’t get up. I didn’t think she was going to make it. There was nothing she couldn’t get away with. Laura: Her mama was a little bit like her. Claude: Yeah, her mama, too. Her mama was a shoplifter and all kind of stuff. I don’t know how many times she had to go to court for shoplifting and other things. Laura: She had stolen how much money from your daddy? Before he got married, she had stolen I think it’s $, or $, from my daddy. Bobby: I think ever since my grandmother died,

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