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Sure Sir! We have zeroed in on a suspect already. Hit him more! Again. Sir! Why did you murder her? Talk! I didn’t do it on purpose, Highest bidding was for murder. That’s why I killed her. It’s been days since the murder. Why didn’t you file a complaint? I couldn’t step out due to personal problems. In Visitor’s list, apart from Aasthi, nobody else has entered their names. How can you be so sure that you saw this person on the day of murder? – I have seen him visiting the neighboring flat, – a lot of times. I saw him on the day of murder too. Moreover, Aasthi came to my house. What is your relationship with Aasthi? We both like eachother. What is he doing now? I don’t know sir. I met him last on that day. His phone is switched off from that day. Sir! Our inspector is searching for the other boy right? When has he ever caught the right person? Let us start! The first clue about the large data movement pointed towards a training centre in Bangalore. Data center was attacked by a virus on August rd From an employee’s laptop. This employee faints in a coffee shop while drinking coffee on August nd. Somebody takes him to the hospital But, his laptop remains there. He gets his laptop the next day. When you connect these dots, All fingers point towards Alok. That’s it. He must have mixed sedatives in coffee, and then injected virus in the laptop When the employee connected his laptop to the data center, the virus was triggered. What if the employee has generated this virus? The technical expertise of him and the way This virus has been designed doesn’t match. However, we are interrogating him. So you’re suspecting only Alok. Any supporting evidences? There’s no evidence. But once I had fooled him, and had taken his password. I searched and found a few potential clues. That’s all! Stolen data is usually saved in physical mediums. Like DVD, Hard drive, CDs. We’ve searched his room, workplace, Coffee shop, training institute, everywhere There was nothing. Then digital mediums, like cloud, drives And email. I’ll start looking at these things. Right! Rest of the information is in these files. Thank You! When I started working, her parents Had not started working too . And She makes me stand outside the door like a dog. Everything has a price. Nobody will steal something that is worthless. You must have stolen something extremely valuable, or she wouldn’t have landed here from Delhi. Tell What did you steal? Avinash! Stop it now. Avinash I said enough. Sorry Madam! I couldn’t hear. He’s still saying he hasn’t stolen anything. Atleast you made him say that. Great! Now wait outside. I’m sorry to see you like this. But you’re the reason for your situation. The sooner you surrender the data, The better it is for you. Alok! I don’t have any data. A lot of reasons are forcing me not to believe it, Alok! The virus infected laptop Was with you, the previous day And we have the CCTV footage to prove it No matter how you see this case, You’re right at the very center of it. You have very minimal choices. One, you either confess to the crime, Or, you die here. A few co-incidences Will not make me a criminal. And, Without any evidence, You can’t keep me in custody For long Who said that this is police custody? Nobody knows that you’re in an interrogation. And, I know that nobody will come looking for you. Police records will have you as a missing person. We search for people who are missing, not people who are lost. You always had the choice of a decent life. You could have done anything. Why did you do this to yourself? Who wants to know it? Pooja . or Anagha? Whatever was done as Pooja is a lie, If you believe anything in that is true Then it’s just your imagination. My parents passed away when I was a kid. I grew up in an ashram. I used to study really well. Mathematics was my favorite subject. I came to Bangalore for engineering. I used to be one among the crowd in my village. But here, everybody wore nice clothes, Sneakers. They would frequent multiplexes when bored . Play a game of bowling, and visit new restaurant every day.

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