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What the hell are we talking about? You coming home or what? Yeah, I’m coming home, all right? But then I’m getting my own apartment! Good. All right. Then it’s over? Yeah, it’s over. Yeah. Fine. All right. Good, good. Come on. Come on, Dad. This is a crowded restaurant here. I’m sorry… come on, let’s go. Dad. Hey. All right. Fine. What are you looking at? Eat your halibut and mind your own business. Yeah, eat your halibut… he wasn’t reaching for a gun. You can see from the infant’s point of view my client cooperated fully with authorities. It’s what he was doing an hour earlier that concerns me, and perhaps, a jury. Your client’s judgment was severely impaired. Let’s discuss a plea agreement. Sir, there’s… I see it. Charlie, how are the girls? Still spending money like I got it. James Cray. Shot between the eyes. An hour ago and change. Why is there a block on his record? Charlie. When do we know who shot him? Take a look how it ends. You’re cleared. He enters his apartment. Five minutes later, he’s checking stock prices. That’s when it gets interesting. Did I say I wasn’t interested? Shit. Who are you? He sees what the killer sees. To hide himself. The killers hacks into Cray’s Mind’s Eye. Cray’s point of view… What are you doing? …now the killer’s point of view. He’s looking at himself. Before Cray could make sense of it… Please, don’t. Please. Who could hack a human being? It gets better. As in worse? Look at the metadata time of death. Timeline ends at and seconds. Jesus. Not just the identity-theft to hack the man’s eye, the victim’s alone when he’s killed. Or that’s what it looks like. Shooter has no signature. No identifying meta trail. What’s the world coming to when murderers won’t tell us who they are? Makes a change from picking up crazies we already know are guilty. We actually got ourselves a whodunit. Two. Matches another case. Baltimore, July, also got his POV hacked, also by a shooter who wasn’t there. What’s happening? What is this? They thought it was an anomaly, but now they want to reopen the case. Last visitor was of the female persuasion. The woman’s ID? Scrubbed. By the by, this doesn’t get out. Let the press gossip. Officially, it’s a suicide. Charlie, this morning downtown… I saw a ghost. Face without a name? Girl was a blank slate, no digital footprint. Thought maybe it was a glitch, ran her again, nothing. Another cipher. Seeing too many. Or not seeing. Send her to me. You got it. You with me, Sal? Yeah, of course we are. Damn. Oh, Jesus. I’m out of here. What were you watching? Show me what you were watching right now or you’re never going to see me again. Show me, Sal. I can’t. No. I really can’t. So what are we looking at, Lester? We analyzed the victim’s record. A week ago, an edit. Technically, it’s a duplication. This footage has been rock and rolled. To stretch it… and if you analyze it carefully… we’ll see he spends too long on several pages in the book. Other anomalies with this footage… you compare stock activity in his Mind’s Eye with what actually happened to the market on the day. It’s been elongated too, but… unless you’re looking for it, you would never see it. This is very good, so… meticulous work. But it all masked deleted activity. Illegal activity that the SEC missed. A day later, he’s cleared of an insider trading charge. Then there’s this. It’s kind of hard to hear with the music playing in his head, but… that. That’s a doorbell. Cray had a mystery guest. They covered their tracks, no evidence of the meeting. There was nothing in the victim’s background to suggest he had the ability to launder his own record, so… Hacker for hire. Jordan Nees, has edits too. Music producer with a history of heroin addiction. Had his latest relapse scrubbed. So he wouldn’t lose his job. This is a nightmare. The hypothetical… isn’t. Not only can they get into the house, they’re moving the furniture around. Charlie, you know that girl I saw yesterday on South William. She matches the description of the last person to see Nees alive. Last night, she got deleted from my history.

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