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They’ll watch us day and night. Take it easy, buddy. The professor won’t fail us, we’ll get away alright. Yes, but how? Packed in bran and marked fragile. Changing guard sir. All present and correct. What are you taking so much care of? Red herrings. Hmm? Red herrings. Well, what did he say? He’s gone, fraulein. Gone? Yes, he left for England on the : train this morning. They’ve all gone. But he can’t have. But it’s true. I spoke to the hall porter who put their luggage on the taxi. They’ve gone alright. Thank you. Miss Koslowski. Get out. Sit down. I require some information which only you can give me. Where are we now? We’re nearly at Felden Kirschen sir. And what’s the exact time? :. Means we’re four minutes late. Good. Not very long to wait. You all know what to do? Oh yes sir. Two hours to the frontier. And with ordinary luck, gentlemen, our last adventure will be successfully concluded. In case there’s no opportunity to do so later, I want to tell you now that your conduct throughout, in spite of occasional fits of lunacy, has been most exemplary. I do hope the trip has proved instructive. It has, sir. I suppose we shall all be meeting again pretty soon at Cambridge, sir? I wonder. I have an idea that our country may have more important work for us. Anyway, I do thank you all. You, Steve. Goodbye, sir. And you, Herbert. Bertie, sir. Bertie. And Jock and– Clarence. Clarence, of course, yes. And David. How did you remember all those names, sir? Excuse the familiarity, Mr. Maxwell. Oh by the way, I owe you an apology. I did my best at Cambridge to prevent your joining this expedition. I admit now that would have been a mistake. Oh. Allow me to return to you your bones. Take care of yourself, Prof. I will. Now gentlemen, I’m just going to take a little nap. Meanwhile, do your stuff. Sure. Goodnight. Goodnight sir. Goodnight sir. That’s the signal. Excuse me. One of us is gonna move, pal, and it isn’t gonna be me. This is it. We’ll never get through, never. We don’t stand a chance. We’ll all get through. We are in good hands. I’m a bit nervous myself, Koslowski. Not Koslowski here, please. When we enter Poland, they won’t be long now, the restoration of order scheme B is to be put into operation immediately, understand? In Holland, Denmark, and– Reich Minister? Don’t bother me. A report from the train, sir. The professor is asleep. Oh, the professor’s asleep. And the students are guarding the packing cases. Don’t bother. Did you say packing cases? Yes sir. They had permits to take– Packing cases, precisely. Train’s coming in, get ready there. Turn out those cases as soon as she stops. Where is he? Here he is. Oh. Are we here yet? That’s not him. You idiot, what have you been doing? What are you guys looking for? Professor Smith. We’ve a warrant for his arrest. Well, you’ll be unlucky, he’s not here. Excuse me, but I saw a very suspicious character just now. Where was he? In there. But it’s not a he, it’s a she. You old fool! Telephone headquarters right away! David, those sons are breaking open our crates! What? Yes madam, give me your passport please, thank you. Cooks party, cooks party, passports please, all your passports, cooks party. I want your passports please. Passports, anymore passports? Cooks party. Say, what is it? We’ve a government permit to clear these cases unopened! Keep your mouth shut! Excuse me, excuse me. Please. I wish to make a complaint. Pass along, please. I’ve been grossly insulted. I’m sorry. Pass along please. And manhandled! Madam, please, don’t you see the officer’s busy? It’s disgraceful! I’m a married woman. And in years of married life I have never been manhandled. What can I do about it? Alright, take your away. Alright, come along, Cooks party, this way please. It’s an outrage! I shall report it! Thank you. Bits of stone. What did you expect? Ostrich feathers? Aren’t you gentlemen with the Cooks party? Sure. Sure we are. Well come along gentlemen, come along. The rest of the party’s already across the frontier. You. But I didn’t expect. I told you I’d come back for you. But, but I thought– That I’d forgotten my promise? No. Yes. Graum’s been here for hours. I don’t know. They never left me alone. They said you’d gone away. They said my father’d been arrested again. They never stopped asking questions! They never stopped talking! Your father’s safely across the frontier. Oh. Is he? Quite safe. What have I done? You’ll never forgive me for what I’ve done? I’ll never forgive you if you don’t put on your coat. We haven’t much time you know. Yes but in the end you see I did tell them things. They tricked me into them. I didn’t know what to do. It seemed the only way to save my father. They said they’d shoot him! So of course you told them. You’re so human. They haven’t wasted much time. Why did you come back? Tell me, is there any other way out of this house except the front door? Yes, the back door, and the fire escape. Why did you come back? Because I said I would. Come here. Here, put this on. Yes. Open up there, come on, hurry up. Out of the way. Locked. Open up, open up! They’ve gone.

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