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what’s funny to me, James game The plastic gun, I detected that. But you don’t say nothing about that, do you? A professional hitter on a hacker? Club full of witnesses? BEN: And I’m driving. No, you’re not. Uh, I’m in the driver’s seat, James, which means I’m driving. ENGINE SPUTTERS Give me my keys. Why’s your car smell like burnt toast? Because this stinks. SNIFFING That’s not toast. Ben, get the hell out of the car. BEN: Get off my neck! Get off me! BEEPS You guys okay? Do you have any idea what your insurance is gonna be? That’s the second car you done got blown up! It’s gonna go through the roof! REPORTER: Police are no closer to a suspect in the shocking murder of Port Commissioner Douglas Griffin. And, although the investigation continues, the city has wasted no time in appointing Charles Nuñez as his successor. I will carry on my predecessor’s mission to eradicate corruption and clean up the port, no matter the cost! No sign of him at the house. He’s not going back to the house. He’s a wanted man. Look, whoever’s after AJ, really needs to get to him. Even if that means killing you guys to do it. Guys, guys, guys- I’m a little disappointed. Since you’ve been here I’ve had a night club shooting downtown, I’ve fielded about CELL PHONE RINGING trespassing complaints in Little Havana and a freaking car blew up. Hey, we didn’t plant the car bomb. Ye , but we did the other stuff, James. HERNANDEZ: Listen, I spoke to your lieutenant in Atlanta, and he’d love it if you went home. Happy travels, guys. Happy travels, my ass. We ain’t going nowhere. CELL PHONE RINGING Answer that phone. It’s not my phone. It’s in your pocket. Ain’t no phone in game There is a phone in my pocket. It’s AJ’s phone. I never gave AJ back his phone. Look, the phone’s being going off the last couple of hours. I mean, there’s texts in here from Tasha, Bree, Colette game First of all, AJ is a slore. Why don’t we do this? I’mma call Tasha right now. No, that’s gonna raise a red flag. See if she got a work number. “Tasha, work.” That’s good thinking, James. I know. Well, I’m just telling you. You don’t got to tell me. I should, you did a good game Just call. You know what your problem is, Maya? You think you’re cute, but you’re not. You’re ugly. And you got man hands. LINE RINGING WOMAN: ON PHONE Beach Kitten of South Beach, open seven days a week game Blam-a-lam-bam! Guess we’re going to Tasha’s job. I took this from your car. I’m gonna go see my explosives guy. Maybe he can tell us what kind of ordinance it was. Damn, that’s what left of your trunk, James. They got you good. Ye , we’re gonna need a new ride. Oh. I can help you with that. BEN: Oh, I gotta tell Angela. JAMES: Man, don’t tell her what we driving. I feel like a dope dealer. BEN: Stop it. This is the best car from the impound lot. CELL PHONE RINGING BENZ Hello? Hey, baby. Hey. Guess what I call me and James? What? Don’t. The brothers-in-law! CHUCKLING I love it-Man, don’t say that no more. So, Ben, I don’t have to worry about not seeing you on Saturday, right? Babe, I’ll be home, waiting for the wedding. You’re finishing things up? I just got a lead, so we’re about to crack this thing wide open. Well, you do that and everything’s all right, here. We’ve got it all covered. “We?” Ang, is Cori over there? Is that Ben? Let me talk to him. No, don’t put her game CORI: Ben, hi! What kind of man leaves town a week before the wedding? A detective man! You’re not a detective. I’m not gonna shout with you right now. You know what you’re gonna do? You’re gonna respect my choices, Cori. You gotta earn respect from me. I don’t understand why you gotta keep going off-menu. Because your menu is dog ! Menu is not dog game Yes, it is, Ben. That’s why I put my dreambook on Pinterest for you. So you can look at it game Pinterest this! Goodbye. Cori? Cori? I can’t believe she just hung up on me. You know your biggest problem? Here we go. You don’t know how to stay focused. I’m going through a little crisis and it’d be real nice to get a little support from my brother. You ain’t got no brother. Okay, what do you call the guy that’s about to marry your sister, James? Not my brother. Hey. That would be incest, and that would be nasty. You’re twisting stuff. You twist things because you don’t have the ability to love, James. That’s your problem. I’ll prove it to you right now. Let me take the lead. I’ll show you I could be a detective. Hell, no. Tell me why. This girl’s probably not even gonna wanna talk to us in public, so it’s not gonna be a good look if you get all screechy, or you accidentally shoot the girl. Why can’t you let the past be the past? You can’t even handle Cori! She’s irrelevant right now. The girl is the devil’s spawn with lady parts. Look, I’m taking the lead because I’m the detective. Fine. It’s like I’m dealing with a child. BEN: Oh, my God. James, do you see this? Yep. BEN: It’s like a Costco for supermodels. Look at this. James? Look up! She’s like a dolphin. Hey, stay focused. I’m focused, James. At the same time, I’m not. Look at this. CLEARS THROAT Hello. Can I help you? Yep. Where’s Tasha? Um, okay, just give me a second. I gotta get her from the back. Tasha’? TASHA: Ye ? There’s two police officers here to see you. right. Thanks. Can I get anybody a bottled water? No, no, no. I’m fine. I’m about to get married. Oh. I’m engaged right now, so game Didn’t nobody ask you that. I’m just letting her know. Okay, you can’t put a fish in the water if you don’t want him to swim. I don’t know where he is, and if I did I wouldn’t tell you. You will if you wanna see him alive again. Now, AJ is in way over his head and we just trying to help him. And why should I believe you? I didn’t come here to play with you. You think I’m gonna give up my man? Oh, you’re gonna give him up. Guaranteed, you’re gonna give him up game Nope, I’m not. BEN: Stop. It’s a little too much. Tasha game James may not understand what you’re saying, but I do. I mean, you and AJ obviously have a connection, and you’re trying to honor him right now. Right, James? My question to everyone standing here is, is he honoring you, Tasha? Because when I went through this phone, here game I’m not gonna lie to you. I was kinda thrown off by what was going on in the contact list. Especially Favorites, because the first name I came across was Colette. I said, “Who is Colette?” More importantly, “What’s her ringtone?” So I played it. DIRTY SONG PLAYING I don’t know about you, but that throws me off. ‘Cause it’s hyper-ual. What’s that relationship about? So I said, “Maybe that’s the only one.” But then right underneath it, I see “Bree.” Bree? Ye . Who is that? What’s her ringtone? So I played it. EXPLICIT SONG PLAYING Ugh. James, do you hear that? Let me see. Ye , he licking that up and down, no doubt. James, that’s a little graphic. It’s true. Well, disregard that. So, then I started thinking about you. You’re priority. At least, I thought you were. But, then, I see your name at the bottom of the list. So, I said, “Maybe he saved the best for last.” Then I played your ringtone, Tasha. This is where it got dark.

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