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A multimillion dollars Almost overnight Twice as sweet as sugar Twice as bitter as salt And if you get hooked, baby It’s nobody else’s fault, so don’t do it Cane Sugar Cane Sugar Cane Athletes reject it Governors correct it Gangsters, thugs, and smugglers Are thoroughly respected The money gets divided The women get excited Now I’m broke and it’s no joke It’s hard as hell to fight it Don’t buy it Freak Rock Freak Rock Freak Rock Freak Rock Blow Get higher, baby Get higher, girl Get higher, baby Come on sniffing Don’t you love this tree? I love this tree. I come here all the time. This tree and that big oak tree over there. Pigeons! Pigeons, guys, pigeons! Pigeons! Come on! Bye, guys. I’ll sniff you later. Oh! Last one. I’ve been mad at you long enough. You’ve been great, but I can take it from here. You’re off the hook. I don’t think so. If anyone deserves to have their pets back, it’s you. It’s not your responsibility. Actually, it is. In this case, I literally am the one who’s responsible. Where I come from, we take that pretty seriously. Where is that? Where I’m from or where do I live? I don’t know. Both, either. This is you? Home sweet home. It’s cool. Yeah. Come inside. I’ll make some more posters. Don’t worry. There’s plenty of room. Okay. Just another girl whose heart you’ve stolen You’re telling too much, but the volley is rolling Hey, baby, you looking for a party? No, no, I don’t like parties. They’re loud. They make me bark. I hear that. I’m just looking for someplace warm to spend the night. Oh, I feel you, baby. You got any money? Yeah, yeah, these guys gave me money, but it’s only cash. Come here. Come on. There you go. Come on! laughing EMMA: Wow! You built this? How do you have power? Solar panels. So you live here all the time? Well, I do a job like this in the city for a month, and then I spend a month doing what I want to do. How do you afford to do that? It’s easy. No rent, no mortgage. It might seem small, but when it’s parked along the Mendocino Coast with a window open, it feels like a mansion. So, uh, this is where the magic happens, huh? Maybe. I know it’s not a normal way to live. Well, I’ve spent my whole life trying to be normal and failing miserably. printer beeps Oh, jam. Come on. EMMA: I have to get going. You want me to bring the rest of these by Wednesday? I have to work. Oh. What time do you get off? :. 😕 Yeah. Sounds great. Bye. I don’t even know you! We haven’t even sniffed butts yet! Keep it down, cowboy! I can get into that, if it’s what you’re into. You might be nice, but I can’t smell you through that perfume, and it makes me scared, so I’m gonna keep talking louder and louder until you leave me alone! NINA: Was there at least electricity? Amazingly enough, he does have solar panels on that thing. Not what I meant. This guy sounds like a bit of a hippie. And I thought maybe he was a transformation, but it sounds like there’s no oomph. No, he’s not a hippie, and, I don’t know, maybe there was oomph. You need big, obvious oomph in the beginning ’cause there’s always less in the end.

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