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It might steady your nerves. My nerves are perfectly steady. They don’t appear to be. Just an old fashioned match. There’s rather a valuable relic at your feet, General. May I pick it up to preserve it for the future? No. I will. How careless of them to have overlooked it. It’s charming, isn’t it? It proves, among other things, the complete nonexistence of an early Aryan civilization in this country. Silence! Herr Reich Minister! Get back! Who called you? Come back! Don’t worry, I shall be back. Well, we have a mini fridge for the court case. That’s a nice perk. We get a few over here. It’s got cane sugar. Mexicans do it right, don’t they? That your son? Godson. Zachary. You got kids of your own, or just the godson’? Well, right now, I’m here with you. So, this will be more informal than other meetings you may have had over the incident, but if you would, I’d like you to tell me a little bit about yourself… your life outside the Corps. It’s not much. I don’t know, you probably got it all in there, don’t you? Some of it. I’d prefer to hear it from you. Married eight years. One child. Yep. Jon. Jonathan. Jonathan Michael Drummer. What about Corporal Roberts? How would you describe your relationship with him? Most squared-away Marine I know. Um… Love him like family. Trust nobody in the work! With family but him. Pull one trigger, regret the rest of your life. Yeah, it. You don’t think like that? Like what? Regrets. You ain’t got no regrets. Huh? You ain’t got no regrets. I have regrets. Name one. Well… I regret bringing you into this bull . He carried me every step of the way. I mean, I probably wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Roberts. And how does that make you feel now? Not sure. Well, you must have some feelings about it. About how… I mean, I don’! know. I’m just trying to get back to my son. Of course you do. You miss him. I don’t see… what the point of all this is. Well, because this is mandatory, until my local clock strikes seven, you’re expected to remain, so… we might as well make the most of it. You got all the power, sir. But if you’d prefer, we need not talk about your son. I’d like that. You mother ers think y’all Marines? Yes, Sergeant! I said do you mother ers think y’all are Marines? Yes, Sergeant! Good Marines have bled for the Corps. Good Marines have died for the Corps. Do you believe you deserve to die with that same honor? Yes, Sergeant! I said do you think you deserve to die with that honor? Yes, Sergeant! Yeah. Y’all look scared! You might be happy to be a Marine, but you look scared! And for that reason I am inserted into your life. The papers you’re holding are the serial numbers to your new rifles. You will memorize these numbers along with a whole slew of other information I deem necessary! Is that clear? Yes, Sergeant! You understand you’re holding a piece of paper, Marine? Yes, Sergeant! How much does a piece of paper weigh? How much does a piece of paper weigh? Nothing, Sergeant! How much? Nothing, Sergeant! Then why are your arms falling? Why are your arms falling? Why are your arms falling’! Why are your arms falling? Tell me why! Tell me why! Tell me why! I don’t know, Sergeant. You don’t know why your arms are falling’? No, Sergeant. Keep them up! Keep the piece of paper! Be prepared to be pushed to new levels. Be prepared to be pissed off and on until you become worthy of appearing when the enemy says… Again, keep them up! Pick it up! Welcome to the pain, marines! Welcome to the pain! Welcome to the pain! Welcome to the pain! Welcome to the what? Welcome to the pain! Buddy up and move onto the course. Yes, Sergeant. Move! Move! Move! Let’s go! Forget that fool. We got this. Tum it around You found that they were all wrong All you had heard Were ghosts of the words in a song Move it! Move it! Let’s go, bro! Let’s go. Hurry up! Group two, hurry the up! Hurry the up, brother! Hurry the up! Flank! Set! Move out! Close our front! Move out! I’m up, he sees me, I’m down! Stay down! Move it! Shut it off! What the are you saying, Marine? Nothing, Sergeant! Was I talking to you, Marine?

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