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I’d ike to introduce you to the new guys on the team. Freshman Ty P ummer, catcher. Stand up, Ty. Come on, son. A ex Brum ey, outfie d. Hey, guys. GORDAN: Sit down. A right. Jake Bradford and Bi y Autrey, both freshman pitchers. A so, I’m taking a eap this year on two transfers, trying to shore up our pitching staff. From Ca ifornia, senior Char ie Wi oughby. Stand up, Wi oughby. Guys. And from Detroit, Jay Ni es. (SIGHS) A right. For you vets, I expect you to show the new guys around. Hopefu y be a positive inf uence on them. I’d appreciate that, a right? Wake up, Coma! Okay, for the eight of you iving in this house and the eight of you iving next door, there’s gonna be some guide ines for iving here. The city’s been generous enough to donate these houses to he p with the overcrowding situation in ath etic dorms, and we’ve agre to be responsib e for them. So, two ru es. Number one. No a coho in these houses, okay? It’s against schoo po icy. Ne I say more? Now, we can’t stop you from having a drink down at that Jo y Fox and Sound Machine, or whatever. You’re a over , a right? Just no booze in this house. Okay. Number two, and it’s a biggie, gent emen. No gir s upstairs in those bedrooms. (A GROANING) What? GORDAN: Yup. I’m sorry. She’s gonna have to take it back to her p ace or, if you want, you can spend as much time as you ike together down here. There’s p enty of room in both these houses for socia izing. So, if you just gotta bring some itt e ga back to the house, you keep her buns downstairs. You got it? Don’t want the program taken down by a piece of poontang. (BOYS SNICKERING) Okay, that’s it. Vo untary practice is on Sunday. That’s p ayers-on y now. Ru ebook says I can’t be on the fie d, so I’ see you fe as on Monday. Be responsib e out there this weekend, okay? Think before you do something stupid, p ease. Skip? A right. Mac, you got something? Yeah. Hey, new guys, isten up. Just so you know, “vo untary” means mandatory, okay? Everybody’s got to be there. If you’re not there, then you probab y don’t care about beating those ers from Arizona. And if you’re not serious about that, you might as we go home. Oh, yeah. We’re taking it this year, fe as. A the way. (A CHEERING) A right! Our ucky year! DA E: Get ready, boys, your co ege careers are about to begin. (DISCO MUSIC P AYING) How’s it going? Yeah, yeah! Murphy! Troub e wa king in. (INDISTINCT CHATTERING) How’s it going, man? Hey. Two-do ar cover. Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait. No, no. They’re with us. Freshman superstars. MAN: It’s a right. et them in. Thanks, man. MAN: Have fun, boys. Hey, shake something, don’t break something. Yes, sir. ( AUGHS) (DISCO MUSIC CONTINUES P AYING) (INDISTINCT CONVERSATION) Hey, hey, guys. Yeah? If you guys want more beer, go to Howard. The guy that ooks ike Cheech. We’re getting a this for free, okay? Dude! No cover and free beer. Mmm-hmm. Co ege is the greatest! Hey, it’s part of the scho arship. (INAUDIB E) Say goodbye to your high schoo sweethearts, fe as. The wonderfu wor d of co ege pussy is upon you. adies! How was your summer? Fun. How was yours? Angie, you ook amazing. et me introduce you to some of the new guys. This is Jake. Hey. Nice to meet you. Hi. Nice to meet you. ROPER: That dude is P um. What’s up? Tyrone. How you doing? GIR : Hi. You guys wanna dance? JAKE: Yeah. (DISCO MUSIC CONTINUES P AYING) (BOTH AUGHING) Cheers. To a beautifu night. There we go. Mmm. Oh, yeah. Whoo! We’re gonna ne a coup e more. MAN: Yeah, come on! She needs quite a few more. You do, too. ookit. What? What’s up? DA E: Finn’s in his average cock mode. Right now, I guarantee you he’s te ing those gir s about how he has an average cock. JAKE: Why the he wou d he do that? See, no, it’s genius, actua y. See, he te s gir s that he has an average cock, and whi e that might on y seem moderate y compe ing on paper, women find it a re ief from a the guys ta king about how huge they are. I’m a performer, a right? I’m a grower, not a shower. See a that fun, a that aughing? Yeah, yeah. They’re ta king about his dick, man! in’ with me. No Radio You heard of “foot in the door”? Of course. Finn’s got his dick in the door. JAKE: That’s genius. Genius. Yes! Genius! . I te you. Hey, you see what I see? You know them? DA E: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s Miche e with her friend Va . JAKE: What’s the book on them? The book is, we’re going over to rap with them. Yeah? Oh, he , yes. et’s get it. Hey, which one you going after? Oh, Miche e, definite y. The one on the right. The ta one? I’m c imbing that tree, Jake! I hear Va is fun. Go for it! A right, coo . Va ? How you doing, Da e? Miche e. Da e. ( AUGHS) Miche e, Va , this is Jake. (DISCO MUSIC P AYING) Hey there. What’s up? Oh, I ove this song! Come on. It’s Jake. Va . Are you gonna ask me to dance, or are you just gonna stand there? I’m asking you to dance. (DISCO MUSIC CONTINUES P AYING) Hey, what position do you p ay? Pitcher. Oh, coo . And you’re a freshman? Yeah, yeah. You? I’m a sophomore. I ive in the apartment next to Angie. Oh, coo . Hey, do you ive in those new baseba houses? Yeah, yeah. ( AUGHS) (FUNK MUSIC P AYING) (BOYS SINGING A ONG) Oh, yes! Yes! Ooh, two at a time, bro! Shoot! Just a second. Wait here a second. Sou brother, what’s the dea , man? I don’t know, man. Finn’s got that eeann chick in there. (SIGHS) I’m gonna go upstairs rea quick. I’ be right back. Huh? I’m gonna go upstairs rea quick. I’ be right back. Okay. Ah! Strike three. Strike three. Strike Radio BEUTER: Radio and his answer is, his answer is, “It needs some tai .” And o ‘ Ben says, “We , that’s what I to d Mrs. Frank in. She to d me to go f y a kite!” (A AUGHING) “Go f y a kite!” Oh, man, that’s funny. Hey, what’s going on, Jacob? What’s up, man? So, where you guys been tonight? Oh, shoot, man. We went over to the Guarante Who esome. What about you? Uh, Sound Machine. Sound Machine, a right. Yeah. Hey, Beuter. I mean, Bi y. Uh Radio ook, man, I got a itt e ady downstairs who maybe wants to come up here and check out my a bum co

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