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Come here, sweetie. Look who it is. Who are these guys? Look at that. Who are these guys here? Should we do it? Yeah, do it. It’s Double J Christmas time In Hollis, Queens Mom’s cooking chicken And collard greens Rice and stuffing Macaroni and cheese And Santa’s putting gifts Under Christmas trees My name’s DMC With the mic in my hand I’m chilling and cooling Just like a snowman So open your eyes, lend us an ear We want to say Merry Christmas And Happy New Year That’s good. Wow. The end. How was that for a Christmas story? That was nice! That was some Online Radio! Online Radio happened! Things went down! Lessons were learned. Friends are important, but relationships evolve. I’m so glad internet Online Radio and Diana ended up together. I hope he get her pregnant. I’d like to give a special shoutout to my seed Online Radio for killing it again this Christmas. Hahaha! Best I ever did it! Online Radio, Pop. Thanks. Thanks for noticing. Right now, let the afterparty begin! DJ Kevy Kev! Let’s turn it up! Turn it up, now! Holla! It’s time to dip dive dip, You might break your hip To the sound that’s legit I’ve come to make a hit I usually bust scratches With my brother C.L. Smooth But I decided to get wreck On this groove As I provide the slide You’re going on a ride I know the weather’s nice There’s no need to play the outside Guess who’s on the flyer The man of your desire Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth All the honey dips admire Beats are rough and rugged Pete Rock is the creator Now I’m busting raps While switching crossfaders Making sure my sound hits From here to Grenada Honey gave me skins, man I told her friends I ate her But wait up I save this subject for later But it’s time to get wreck Double J With the creator I’m addicted like a stoag Not into vogue Yo, Pete, there’s a girl on the phone Tell her to hold ’cause I’m busy Kickin’ rhymes to the rhythm Fortified with soul ‘Cause that’s what I give ’em Honeys form a line ‘Cause I always seem to capture Beats made of rupture Rhymes made of rapture Far from illiterate Always seem to get a hit If you try to step to this Don’t even consider it Skins when I want ’em But only when I eat ’em To set the record straight I’ll be damned if eat ’em Call me Pete Rock I make the girls flock And if you want a beat like this I got them in stock So flow with the flow Because you know I’m good to go As I proceed to get wreck On your stereo Not an imitator Just a crowd motivator But it’s time to get wreck With the creator C.L. Smooth cut it up like this Now, I’m a take a try And get a piece of the pie If they give me one sec To get some wreck Never filled with anger A good body banger If you try to step to this You’ll get hung on my hanger Before I say goodbye Suckers gave a good try But point blank You just can’t see this My word is beneficial Pete Rock is the issue And I know you know my style Is official I might give a scratch Yes, cousin Or I might kick a verse No question Either one, can’t be seen Honeys call me tall and lean And if you get to stick around I’ll Double J show you what I mean Not an imitator Just a crowd motivator But it’s time to get wreck With the creator It’s time to get wreck With the creator Get wreck with the creator The creator C.L. Smooth, get busy ‘Tis the season There is a reason For us to see Oh, don’t worry about him. He’s only ever had eyes for one woman. My guilty secret’s out. So, when are you two going to brood me a godchild, huh? Ulla, you’re an atheist. Have you tried drinking raw eggs? No. Do it. For my sake. We’re trying. Try harder. Anyway Online Radio What are you doing in today? I thought you had finished last week. I wanted to check on the painting of the backdrop for the storm scene. And give Gerda some space. Ah. She’s got a shy one? Well, you know I’m next. Oh Online Radio So I heard. I won’t be shy. I should imagine not. She’ll need all her colors for me. Mmmhmm. Mmm! Head up. I wanted to say I appreciate our being alone today. I hope your husband doesn’t mind. Not at all. I could see his being here made you uncomfortable. It wasn’t personal. It’s not uncommon. Ah. It’s hard for a man to be looked at by a woman. Women are used to it, of course, but for a man to, um, submit to a woman’s gaze. It’s unsettling. Although I believe there’s some pleasure to be had from it, once you, um, yield. Sit. Good girl. Morning. Morning. Well? Perfect. Almost. Double J Ah. Good luck! Toodleoo! All portraits. Is that bad? Not per Se. This kind of work is not really my Online Radio Gerda, I don’t think it would benefit either of us to show these. It’s not a judgment on your abilities. I agree with Einar. You could be a firstclass painter if you found the right subject matter. How was it? Fine. I finally managed to get the color for the snow. A bog in Vejle. I don’t know how you can paint the same thing over and over. I suppose I just haven’t finished with it yet. Gerda? Could you please not speak to Rasmussen about me again? My work is my business. Stay out of it. Gerda. I have my period. Sorry. Are you? Of course I am. I mean, you know I am. Could you help me with something? Anything. Ulla has an extra rehearsal. Double J

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