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Would you like to have the cold? No thanks. Sir Cyril. Welcome. Your Excellency. Good to see you. Lord Ismay. Everyone knows Pug. It’s the hottest summer in years. I get used enough to it. Attlee have explained the task? Yes. To determine the boundary between million Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus. Exactly. Tea with milk. And by August. I have agreed on August to make astrologers satisfied. It is less than five weeks. They must work with a team. They represent all parties. We provide you with maps, population, geographical data and all other information you need. In asking me to draw a line through people’s houses and fields? I realize that it is overwhelming and some irregularities will be inevitable. Do you know of Bengal and Punjab? It Pug probably told you. I have never been to India before. I do not understand it. On August is a few weeks. Why so fast? They will not be blamed for the carnage. Mountbatten will avoid a bloodbath. Therefore he moved the date. Listen to his faithful servant. People need certainty. It is his wish. One is want something else is action. The British leave the sinking ship. Bilges in Lahore flows with blood. People kill each other after centuries of cohabitation. The army deserting. The soldiers keep their weapons and militias running amok. They steal the land improperly. Will Mountbatten stop the violence? Crowds on the street during six days of violence which has involved murder, destruction, fire and looting. Curfew was imposed in Delhi to get the fighting under control. So empty streets and locked doors contrasts with the violence, looting and the accompanying death and destruction. Far! Far! Aalia, vent. Jeet, far Radio What happened? Where is my father? Where is my father? Have you seen him? Cowards! Do you know me? Do not you know my father? Where is the father? No violence in the viceroy’s house. Providers will be dismissed, and their families to move. Far. Aalia. We take stringent precautions. No riots here. We must stand together now. We are facing the most important moment in the history of the subcontinent. Our children and grandchildren may ask us how we earned the country. We must ensure that we can be proud of what we say. In less than days, India will be shared. Sharing Council have agreed that national values ​​and debt is divided with % for India and % for Pakistan. We will follow the same distribution here. Finally, and I am sorry to have to say it ye shall all choose whether to belong to India or Pakistan. Suhana Kapoor. India. Next. I choose Pakistan. Next. Sanjit Gupta. Indian. Next. Sir. Ali? I want to Pakistan. Held and happiness. What will happen to us, Jeet? Come here. I’m afraid. Soup spoons. Fifteen boxes to India, three boxes to Pakistan. Teaspoons. Forty boxes to India, ten boxes to Pakistan. Butter Knives. Twenty boxes to India, five boxes to Pakistan. Tuba, India. Valdhorn, Pakistan. What’s the latest news? We know that. Indian. Pakistan. India. Next. Pakistan. Indian. Pakistan. Indian. Pakistan. I do not know what to do. Your father is a good man. He will understand it. Aalia Radio we belong together. Take this kara. It shows our association. I’m afraid. Wuthering Heights to Pakistan. Jane Eyre and Austen are here. Indian. Pakistan. We can not share encyclopedia holders. No, % going to Pakistan. A to E or S to Z? A til E. Det er absurd. DAYS TO GO TO TRANSFER It is impossible to draw boundaries that separate Hindus and Muslims. The fire raged, while fighting between Muslims and Hindus continued. , killed and , wounded. Thanks. Where? Are you sitting comfortably? Aalia! I must follow my father to Lahore. Asif will take us to the station. My father is my responsibility. I must do what’s best for him. Running away is not the best for him. I try to keep him alive. Everything is changed now. People do not see ourselves as Indians more. We are Muslims. You are just as Indian like me. India is what we make of it. Do not make it harder. Do not do it, Aalia. Are you ready? Just a moment. Who is it? Jeet Kumar. We have to run now. The train departs at midnight. You helped Aalia and her father during the fire. I thank you for. My mother and brother will pick you up at the station. My home is your home when we got married. Tell him what Aalia. What? I know that it is very difficult to say, but you are brave. And your father Radio He should be safe. My father will be safe. Goodbye, Jeet. We have to run now. Kumar. I never thought this would happen to my country. I have to travel for my daughter’s sake. Is your future still unclear? Have you talked to your young lady? And. It will not happen. Why not? Because she must travel by train to Pakistan. It has been an honor to know you. We must run. We will be safe in Pakistan, Dad. In America, we are familiar with their admiration of the Soviet Union. I also admire America, hr. Grady. I am pleased. America can do much here. We do not want a new empire. India must find its own path. Pardon. Sir. Radcliffe would like to talk to you. Excuse me, I’ll do it. We need more time. Sit down. Pug, I do not know if you understand it but the situation is deadlocked in every city and it should go fairly to.

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