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No, Sergeant, sir! Then why the are you answering for him? I don’t know, Sergeant. You two butt buddies, Marine? No, Sergeant. Get the up! Yes, Sergeant. You got a mouthful of , Marine. Sand, Sergeant. We need to go. Back to the top! Yes, Sergeant. Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go! I signed up for Greenpeace. How the did we wind up here? dolphins dying, dude. We could be saving the dolphins, man. You should tell him that when we’re out there. That’s right. “Sergeant Miller, I signed up for Greenpeace, sir.” Stay. Seriously, you’re worse than Johnny. Stop moving or I will cut you. I’m not. “I’m-a cut you.” That was good, right? That was pretty good. All right, come on. I’ll stop around. Go. Ow! Ow! Okay, stop. God, you’re such a wimp. I reached out to undress you Love let me down You okay? Yeah. Hey, are you okay? Yeah, I just can’t sleep. I mean, I sleep but then I’m up, you know? Just back and forth. I’ll take him today. You should take him today. Talk to the teacher. Kids giving him problems. Yeah, you need to talk to the teacher, and then talk to that one mom. Which one? Which one? I hate that woman. The fat kid’s mom. She… I almost punched her the other day. I mean, in my mind I punched her. You’re a thug. Yeah, that’s right. Your wife’s a thug. I’m serious. Come on. I love you. Yeah? Say it to my face. I love you. You better. You look good. You look like a Marine. Good. Get out. You gotta take him. Yeah. Let me just get it right here. Tell that mom! I see you. You can’t see me from there. Yeah, I can. I’m looking right at you. What are you talking about? I see you right there. Nope, still see you. Now I can’t see you, but if I can’t see you, you can’t see me. Why is that? I don’t know why is that, it’s just the rules. What are you learning in school? You learning fun stuff? We read, do recess, listen to music, dance. Rec… What kind of…? Dancin’ around? That sounds very arty-fatty to me, bud. Speak of the devil… Dad! Oh, no! What is that! You’d better get the window, bud. I’m gonna die! Oh, no! Oh, no! Marines, clear out! Medic, man down! Uh-oh. Uh-oh. Is he responding? Is he responding? He’s responding. Okay, okay, okay, okay! What does that mean? Responding? No, “man down.” Man down is a military term. It’s what you say when… one of your boys goes down or someone gets hurt, or… Oh. Let me take a wild guess of who that is. Is that him right there? I’m gonna come in with you so they don’t mess with you. No! Please. Why? It’s just… What are you embarrassed of me? I can walk from here, really. I know you can walk from here. You’re a grown boy. How’d this start up? You just walked in one day and they started in on you? No. What happened? They heard Mom say “I love you” when she dropped me off. She said “I love you” in front of your friends, huh? Mm-hmm. All right, I understand. It’s no good. And you told Mom? Yeah. What’d she say? She said she was gonna beat the mother up. She was gonna beat the mothers up? All right, look. I’m not mom, but I damn sure am gonna tell my kid I love him when he gets out the car, all right? So we gotta come up some kind of little middle ground, like a secret word or something. What about “man down”? Man down? That’s pretty good. Huh? Yeah. Yeah, I like that. Man down. I like it, too. It’s got the word “man” in it, damn sure is manly enough. You know, we’ll just sneak it out anytime we want to say it. Nobody will know what we’re talking about. So, anytime I want to say I love you what am I going to say to you? Man down. Like that, too, with that little smirk on your face. Say it again. Man down. Yes, good, man. All right, get out of here. Have a good day, bud. You too. Drummer. Yo, Drummer, you copy? I got a tudy up ahead approximately yards southeast of the main courtyard. Right there. What the ? How long’s he been sitting there? And yourself? I’m not sure. Come on, let’s go. What the ? Don’t move. Get up. Up. Move. Down in that corner. Down. Who are you? United States Marines. If you try anything, I take your head off! Got that clean’? Who are you? Answer the question. Who are you? Charles. My name is Charles. Charles? Hey, Charles. Take a breath. Breathe. My name’s Gabriel. I’m looking for survivors, you understand? Okay, man. What do you know about what happened here? What happened to…? To who? The world. How come you weren’t affected? How come you weren’t affected? Oh, please. How is it the whole world is in and you’re not affected? Save your compliments for someone who’d want to hear them. This whole world’s ed. You’re alone? You got survivors with you? I got my friends. I got my whole platoon. Where? Where are thew Hey! Stay right there. Don’t move. What is it? You semper fi? That was a long time ago, buddy. Whole ‘nother world, but it don’t matter none. They all left us here in hell to rot. Who did? You did. You. Look, I’ve been analyzing or pontificating on variations of this theme for years. Today I’ll state only facts. There’s a mini war in the Middle East. Iran will most likely have a nuclear weapon. Putin basically running unchecked, obviously a great cause for concern.

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