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Got it? Buddy, I think these eggs are spoiled. Or not Games um, how about some cereal? Enjoy. Hold that, I’ll be right back. Fix yourself some cereal. Hello? Good morning! John! Sorry, I went around to the back to see if you guys were home. I rang the door bell a few times. Hello, Claire. Yes, the doorbell is still busted. Well, you better get on that, Mr. fix-it! Hey, I got your message this morning. I was in the neighborhood showing a property Games Down the street, figured I’d swing by. Thank you, you didn’t have to do that Games But Games a phone call would have been good, but thank you. No problem. What would you like to discuss about the house? Well, my kids found this very old chest in the attic. Yes. I believe I mentioned that the remains of the house Games Were part of the purchase. Yes, you did. It’s the contents of the chest that’s concerning me. And what did you find? Do you mind if I show you for a second? I’m here, might as well. I’m sorry about that, I told my kids not to play Games With this stuff until I spoke with you. Curious little things, aren’t they. Hello again Games dear. Izzy! I can see her hormones are peaking. Yeah, she hasn’t been the same since my wife passed away. She’ll come around Games Death changes people. So, what’s the problem? Don’t you find these photographs peculiar? Makes me wonder about the people that lived here before us. John, the house is over years old. I have no information on the previous owners. You’re welcome to check public records, if you like. As for the photos, they had various methods of altering Games These images. Spirit photography was very popular in the s. Spirit photography? Yes, during the spiritualist movement Games People had seances and such. Often photographers used various lighting tricks Games To create interesting photos Games To build up hype for their meetings. How do you know all this? I spend too much time in the new age section of the book store. Believe it or not, it fascinates me. So you think these photos are staged? Maybe Games I don’t know, maybe. Excuse me. Victoria! Aiden! Victoria! Is everything okay? Jesus Christ! Oh, my god! Baby? Baby? Aiden! What happened? What happened? Oh, my god, do you want to get her inside. I got you, baby. I got you. Come here. I got you. I got you, baby. I got you. Victoria, come on, ssh. Baby Games baby girl. John, what can I do? Come on, are you okay, honey? Baby girl, up. Daddy? Yeah, sweetie? I saw mommy outside. Claire, could you go to the kitchen Games And get us a glass of water? Right away! Are you okay, sweetie? Yeah, I’m just a little dizzy. All right, well, just sit up, you want to sit up? You want to lay down? Yeah. Breathe. Hey, buddy, are you okay? You’re gonna be fine. Why don’t you scoot upstairs and change? Nobody needs to know! Thank you. Thank you so much for your help. I’m glad she’s okay. I’m gonna get her to a doctor. I’m Games I’m sure she’ll be fine Games But best to make sure everything is in order. Yup, that really scared me. They’re lucky to have you. Oh, thanks.

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