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Maybe we should involve other body. What body? For example, the UN. And admit that we can not take care of our own affairs? With all due respect, it’s a huge responsibility for one man alone. I talk to Mountbatten. Dickie must be impartial. If he keeps with one party, smoking it all up. It should be a clean cut. It’s a hatchet, which cuts right through people’s lives. This may be just what you need. WAR CABINET SAFETY IN INDIA AND INDIAN OCEAN It is a report which was drawn up by Churchill. Two years ago. The detour India’s future. TOP SECRET It should make your task easier. What kind of card? The recorded Viceroy Wavell. There is already a limit. I was asked to give it to you. By whom? Mountbatten? He knows nothing about it. It comes from the highest authority, Radcliffe. We defeated not Nazis and the Japanese then to give the Russians the entire store. As you can see, there are no straight lines in India. My goodness. There are hundreds every day. Thousands in town. They tell horrible stories. It is not part of dad’s plan, right? Women and children this way. Proceed. We need water. Duleep. What happened? Is anyone from our families here? No. Then I came too late. It was destroyed. Our village. All are gone. Men came from far and destroyed it. Our families are gone. My mother? My sisters? I could not find them. I hope they are in a refugee camp somewhere. I found this girl in a barn. She was the only one that was left. All the way back they lay dead along the road. Women jumped rather the well than to be raped. The boundary line is drawn. It shall we not until after the festivities. Why on earth not? I have been under great pressure to reach it. Let them enjoy the independence and see the misery in the eyes afterwards. Whatever it will be a bloodbath. All the leaders believe that sharing will reduce violence. My work has been insufficient. It pains me that you mean it. I can not take my fee. I think, that you love the country. They deserve to know. The fourth truck is ready. Do you think we have enough? There are too many people. Although we work all night, we will still not have enough. Let me see what I can do. Which train should Aalia with? The night train. The last train. It says that there are no survivors. The massacre of the night train from Delhi to LAHORE Dickie, refugees Radio Not now. Please go. That was why Jinnah did not make themselves. He had been promised his Pakistan. Why no one told me? So you could solve your problem. Playing a double game against men, I intend? You have not played a double game. You were honest. And they trusted you, as we had hoped. So they could take the settled decision? We must protect our interests here. It understands Churchill. What does he understand? The future. See on the map where the power will lie. Gulf oil. We must ensure our access to the vast reserves and to block the access of others. The security we get thanks to Pakistan. Have you shared India because of oil? Due to safety. There are a Soviet empire. Stalin needed a port in the East. He has been looking at Karachi. It is he not now. Pakistan will be easier to influence than an unruly India. Have you imagined it? I imagine nothing. I have used myself and my family. I had to serve King and country. Have done exemplary. You will be promoted to the earl. What about the people whose lives have been destroyed? It is unfortunate. You have blood on your hands. It is your name that is on the plan. It will always be known as Mountbatten Plan. Goodbye, Your Excellency. What the hell is going on here? They said they would protect us. They have ripped India to smithereens. Everyone I loved is dead. Is the price of our freedom? I have seen many young men lose their loved ones during the war Radio They have not lost anyone or anything! They will travel untouched back to England. And forget what you have done here. Never. I can not serve you anymore. I hope you never get a moment’s peace again. We do not take home. After the transfer of power we become. That we need. We will do everything we can. You stand not behind this tragedy. DEPUTY KING HOUSE GOVERNMENT BUILDING Long Live Hindustan! Freedom port is open in India where thousands of Hindus in New Delhi awaiting their liberation. In Karachi, the capital of the Muslim Pakistan arrive Lord Mountbatten to the end of the British rule. I am glad you can participate in our nation’s birth. The impossible dream is reality. Churchill should be here, not me. He brought Their Pakistan to the world. I did what a leader must do to realize its people’s dreams. We have both been utilized. But you got what you wanted. I got only half of the country I wanted. We will always fear for our lives. The British got in return all they were after. In the victors here. It is dangerous to predict the future. I fear that no one will prevail here. I have a letter from US President Harry S. Truman. Congratulations to Pakistan with its entry into the family of nations. Long ago we put the destiny event and now the time has come when we must deliver on our promise. When the clock strikes midnight and the world sleeps India will awake to life and freedom.

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