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Dude, this little guys gonna jump out of the box. Well, put her down. Not yet, little buddy. Did you see this? I’ve got some bowls for water in the truck. No. Nice present. Centers for Disease Control… He loves it. Has downgraded the urgency. While the term “weapons of mass destruction” has become a political taboo, no one can deny that the CDC, the Centers for Disease Control, has been the lead story more frequently than ever. Okay, I’m bringing the birthday boy in, all right? Yeah. Yeah. That comes on again at , right? All right! Come on, pal! Hey! Now, what did you want more than anything in the world, bud? A year’s supply of gummy bears! More than gummy bears! All right, listen, your dad… What’s that noise? That sound like gummy bears? No. What’s that noise, bud? Your daddy and I talked about all the… What’s that sound like? What’s that sound like? A puppy! Oh. my gosh! A puppy! So cute! Don’t squeeze him too hard. Oh, my gosh, thank you. What do you think? He’s amazing! Oh, he loves him. Wanna show Luke? Go show Luke the dog. Be careful. Go show Luke the dog. Everyone, look! It’s a puppy! He loves it. Yeah. Thank you. Yeah. I wouldn’t have done that without you. Yeah. Be careful! Don’t tell me I missed that. You missed that. What? He lose his ? Lost it. I’m gonna party with him. There he is. Okay. You gonna shoot me? What are you gonna name the dog? I was thinking Ichabod. What do you know about dog hats? What do you know about dog hats’? You want dog hats? You’ve never had a dog hat? Nope! Hey, Luke, what do you know about dog hats? He’ll be all right. Close your eyes. Do not rub your eyes once I apply the application. Roger, Sergeant. Take a deep breath. Turn around when you’re ready. OC, OC. Open your eyes. How many fingers am I holding up? Open them. Two, Sergeant. Move, go! That’s right, let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go, move! Get bad, Marine, get bad! Get back, get back, get back, get back! This is our push! Spread out! Move! Move! Let’s go! Speed up! Speed up! Let’s go! Let’s go! Keep moving! Keep moving! Get back, get back, get back, get back, get back, get back! Just go! Let’s go! What the are you doing, Marine? Why the are you rubbing your eyes? I can’t see, Sarge. Of course you can’t see. Your eyes are closed. What do you believe the simple solution to that would be’? Open my eyes, Sarge. Well, there you go! Figure this out. And look how easy that was! Keep your head up and eyes on the target! Look at this , man. Huh? beautiful! You ask, why the pain? Why the deprivation? Ah, , man. All right, come on. Pain doesn’t subside as your enemy listens for sounds to fire towards. Move, mother er, move! Keep moving! Keep moving! Hand over your rifle. Roberts, help out your fellow Marine. Looks like he could use some water. Next! Open your eyes. Open your eyes. Come on, brother, push it out. Come on. Push it out. Well, somebody gotta applaud the Jamaican bobsled team. Am I right, Marines? Yes, Sergeant! Am I right, Marines? Yes, sir! The . That burns like a mother er. Like a mother er. Like a mother er, man. Hit that fan. All right. You’ll be all right, brother. Love you, man. Yo, Sergeant Miller, how about a speech? Come on. They don’t pay me for speeches, little spoon. It’s big spoon, man. Ain’t what I heard. Peek at you, snuggling. Sir. All right. Um, in a few short days, you guys will be assigned units, and there you’ll go where duty calls. It’s that simple. So with not much left to say, I will leave you with the words of the late, great, Eleanor Roosevelt, who so eloquently stated, “The Marines I’ve seen around this world have the cleanest bodies, filthiest minds, highest morale… and lowest morals of any group of animals I’ve ever seen.” Why are you looking at me, man? Thank God for the United States Marine Corps! Hooah! Yeah! Let’s give him one! Eat up. I’m-a eat. What you want? Give me a hotdog, big spoon. All right. Hey, bring me one. Great speech. Yeah. Nothing like an Eleanor Roosevelt quote to get the crowd going. “Elyeanor.” It’s Eleanor, baby. I’m just saying it ’cause he said it. Good throw, Jon! Nice spiral, baby! Kid’s got an arm, man! Yeah, he does. Peewee league, man, that’s all I’m saying. That’s a good idea, actually. Peewee league. Yeah. You think? I guess it would be good for him to be around other dads and stuff while you’re away. Yeah. Yeah. So, yeah. Yeah, if it makes him happy, yeah. It’ll make him happy. Jon! Hey, Jon! What do you think about peewee league? Yeah! Peewee league? Yeah. Sold. Sold. Throw me one, Jon. Corporal Devin Roberts. Mm-hmm. I’d like to understand the relationship between you both. There’s not much to understand. We grew up on the same block. His parents kicked him out, my parents took him in, and right around the time we ran into things in common, we shipped off. To war. To war. He’s my battle buddy. We kicked in doors together, we took enemy fire… it’s just not a relationship you’d understand… if you haven’t been through it, I guess. Well, I’ve seen it discussed a lot, so why don’t you try me? “Discussed a lot.” Something funny about that? It’s just different.

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