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She’s joined us today! Hi! He’s talented and a very nice guy. Zero bad habits, and very hard working! He works with us full-time. And works part-time at coffee day. There’s something charming about him! Why don’t you tell him that you love him? I was behind him for months. And requested him so much! Then what happened? He didn’t budge at all. As a last resort, I gave him an inviting offer, And asked if he’s willing go on an outing. Did he agree to it? No! he didn’t. After this, I decided to give up on him. So that’s how your love story ended? There was no love, Just attraction, maybe. Can we use the computer? Why do you want to use it? We have school project to complete. Do you also have project work? Yes! Please don’t do anything brother! Don’t be scared. I won’t hit you, come. What are you doing? Stand here, Don’t pull my shorts, it’s loose. I know why you wear shorts like these. ‘, ‘, You come here. ‘. Now go inside. Will measure when you step out. If the shorts has moved an inch, then I’ll thrash you both. Don’t you trust us? You should have self-control in life. There’s nobody at home. Are you busy? I’m so happy! Aye! Enter details before going. Such a melodious music! Uffff! My excitement has hit the roof! Kavya! How are you! It’s been so long since I met you. I am fine! You should have told that you’re coming. Aren’t you scared to stay alone? How much time does it take to open a door? How much time does .! Whom do you want? Who’s that? Whom do you want? Isn’t this G-? No, this is G-. Who was that? Don’t you really know him? Sir! I had really come to G-. But, this is G-. Sorry! Encryption. Decryption. Encoding an information with a key, And passing it across is encryption. On the other side, if they know the key, They can decode, and obtain the information. Didn’t you guys understand? No! A has gold which he has to give C but, B shouldn’t know that there’s gold. So A adds plus to each letter and passes it. This is encryption. Plus is the key. Now, B doesn’t realize that it’s gold. C will obtain the gold by subtracting . This process is called decryption. I told my parents that I’ll take up commerce and not science. Please let me go ma’am. Sit down! Instead of just laughing. Can’t you come and help? It’s my first class. Please! I’ll come. As children, Me and mybr/friend spoke in Pa & Ta Language. Nobody understood the language except us. Even we have used it! Really? Nice! How do you ask if somebody had lunch in Pa Language? Ha-Pa-D Lu-Pa-nch (Had Lunch) Here, Had Lunch is your information. Ha-Pa-D Lu-Pa-nch is your encrypted code. Pa is the key used to encrypt and decrypt. That’s encryption and decryption for you! Now we understood everything, sir! It was tough for me to explain. You made it look simple, thanks a lot. This is my favourite subject. I have done a lot of projects on it. Sorry! Grandparents came unexpectedly. Couldn’t text you after that. Are you angry? No! Then what is my prince doing? There are no wars to fight, So he is resting now. Tomorrow, everybody in the family is leaving this princess behind and are stepping out of the kingdom.

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