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Dee Dee kind of went off the deep end. Kristy: The day that her mom died, Dee Dee was in the house somewhere, and Dee Dee was starving her. Like, she wasn’t– Dee Dee wasn’t giving her anything to eat. I asked her sister– you know, I was like, “I hate to ask this, but you think Dee Dee had anything to do with her mom’s death?” And she, you know, said, “Now I wonder.” That’s how evil she was. To leave your mama dirty and asking for food and not want to feed her Radio Yeah. Radio that’s evil. Carr: Were you sad at all when you heard she was dead? Me? I didn’t believe it. It didn’t– It just didn’t sink. It took a few days before Radio you know? I didn’t believe that she was dead. I thought it was another one of her tricks. I said, “Who did Dee Dee piss off now? You know, what kind of shit did Dee Dee get into?” I wasn’t thinking, “Oh, God, my aunt’s dead.” Because I figured that one day she’d piss off somebody to that point, you know? And I actually did think that it would probably be Gypsy, you know? And whenever– we later got the word that Gypsy was fine and she was by her boyfriend’s house, we were like, “She killed her mama. She finally did it. She couldn’t take it anymore.” She finally just said, ” it all. I’m killing this bitch.” Carr: Do you think she got what she deserved? According to Gypsy, yes. Yes. Yeah, she got what she deserved. I know all the brothers and sisters don’t care about Dee Dee no more. Gypsy– she got cremated. She said, “What you want me to do with the ashes?” Everybody said, “I don’t want her. I don’t want her.” Darla said, “Flush ’em.” I told her, “Flush that in the toilet.” I didn’t want it. Her sister said, “Flush that in the toilet.” She said, “We’re going to bring that in Mama’s room, make her a mass and everything.” “You going to pay for it? I’m not paying for it. We can’t afford it. Flush it in the toilet.” [Greene County Courthouse November ,] Reporter: Prosecutors have decided not to seek the death penalty against a Springfield woman and her boyfriend, both of whom are accused of murdering the woman’s mother. Reporter #: The announcement comes after several conversations between the defence and prosecution, both agreeing this was the best decision. Patterson: Being a prosecutor, the standard is to do what’s right and what’s just. When you look at the mitigators as well as the background of these individuals as we know it, as well as the facts of the case, this case was not an appropriate first-degree murder case in which to seek the death penalty. This is a case that we haven’t dealt with, and it’s because it’s so unusual. I mean, it really is an unusual case. What we thought initially may be a victim turns out to be a suspect, and in the middle of a story that is twisted. We think we know who Gypsy is, but once this trial starts, we’ll be able to see her life unfold and find out exactly what she was all about. [Home video from one of Dee Dee and Gypsy’s trips to Disney World] Hi, everybody. Right now, I’m in Cinderella’s castle eating some real mashed potatoes. Mm! That is good. Dean: Gypsy loved Disney because they were stories that resolved in happy ways. And ultimately, her story was not resolving in a happy way. Gypsy: I liked the Disney movie, “Tangled.” It’s about Rapunzel. She’s a princess in this kingdom and she’s kidnapped by Mother Gothel from her real family. And Mother Gothel keeps her in this tower for all of her life and tells her, “Don’t leave this tower.” And so, that is all she knows. Woodmansee: I think that Gypsy just wanted her life to be like any fairy tale princess and have the perfect ending. You know, all the bad villains get what they deserve. Gypsy: At the end, Mother Gothel died. She got thrown out a window, um, because Rapunzel tried to stand up for herself and leave her tower. But in Disney movies, everything’s a fantasy. It’s a fairy tale, and life is not a fairy tale. I learned all that the hard way. Stanfield: I don’t think calling Gypsy’s life sheltered would do it justice. I’ve kind of come to describe it as a fairy tale nightmare. Her mother controlled almost

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