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I was like, you know, they’re not going to call me back. And I remember when I got the call I was at school in assembly and I saw my phone ringing and I was like, no, got to get out of here. And I, like, ran out of the hall, answered the phone and Julia’s like, “You’ve got the job.” And I just started crying, I was so happy. I was obsessed with this place before I worked here. I think I had been here, like, times. INTERVIEWER: And what’s it like being a flight attendant? JAKE: Flight attendant is just like any job, you have your bad days, good days. Everything that happened that was bad in the week, you know, I just suck it up and then I come here and I let it all out in character. SPEAKER: INAUDIBLE CAMERON: Coming from school and then coming here, it’s just like You know, just get into character and scare people, which is fun. I like it. I’m not very social outside of work, I just usually stick to myself. But here you’re always meeting new people, new faces. Everyone just gets along. HUIA: When I first started working here I didn’t know how to act. I didn’t know characters. And I was kind of scared of clowns. But now that I work here, I’ve become one. SPEAKER: Alright, guys, customers are told they are not allowed to smoke, drink or eat inside the attraction. Also, no photos or videos. If they get a bit too scared, they’re told to put their hand up and say, “Stop.” If they do that, back off. If they ask you to take them out, take them out the quickest way possible. Don’t touch any of the wobbly bits, back of the necks, top of the head. Shoulders and back of the legs is fine, stay away from the fronts of the body. Anything else? SPEAKER: Yeah! ALL: Whoo-hoo! WHISTLING AND CLAPPING SPEAKERS: CHANTING AND CLAPPING Whoo-hoo! SPEAKER: Occasionally when people come to Spookers they’ll get scared in the car park or scared just outside the front doors and they never even get in to buy their tickets they’ll hop in their cars and leave. When that first happened we had to have a talk to some of the staff because we were losing too many people out of the car park. So the actors generally work closer to the ticket office now. SPEAKER: It’s tough but I’d have to say probably death. Yeah, like, everyone else is afraid of dying, so, yeah DRUMMING, SCREAMS, VARIOUS SOUND EFFECTS SPEAKER: INAUDIBLE DRUMMING, SCREAMS You all little corpses INAUDIBLE . JULIA: When I first found the site I had no idea what it was. I had heard of the Kingseat Psychiatric Hospital but that didn’t even come into my mind. And I was driving past, saw the sign BETH: And as soon as we saw this building we said JULIA: Yeah, as soon as we saw this building, this is just perfect. We actually had to find somewhere that was a huge building, had some land, for the maze and, you know, a forest, and it was perfect. BETH: It had some atmosphere. JULIA: Yeah. So, you don’t want to give it up too easily. INTERVIEWER: Excuse me. Do you think this place gives you weird dreams? What do you think it’s like on your brain, having these sort of double lives and scaring people and then being normal at your normal job and SAM:

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