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Boots on the ground. Yeah? Yeah, it’s not that, it’s just something you don’t discuss. What you saw. My name’s Gabriel Drummer. I’m looking for my family. Oh, well, A. Look at me. I’m going to show you, okay? I need you to look at the photo. Show you this photo, Charles. This is my wife and son. Gabriel the archangel. Can you look at the photo? I don’t know anything, man. Look at the photo, Charles. I don’t know anything. Look at it! Do you recognize the faces? Ain’t nobody here, man. Have you seen these people? Ain’t nobody here, man. Yeah, but you. But you. You’re here. And now you. Hey, you think I won’t kill you? You think I won’t kill you, Charles? No. No? I mean, yeah… You think I won’t kill you? Hmm? No. Look at me. Yes. I mean, yes, I will. Yo, this fool, man. Let’s just take his and go. You need sleep, Charles. You got shelter around here? Charles. Answer the question. Where’s home? Over there. Get your , Charles. Hey, you almost done, little man? I’m gonna go outside. Hey, so I was talking to some of the aides over at Johnny’s school about the little football program. Peewee league? Yeah, they said they’re gonna have it at night with some other activities when I’m at work. That’s perfect. They’re already putting together all these care packages for you, all kinds of sweet things. I’m easy, you know. Just peanut butter anything, and I’m good. Right, Jon? You all right, pal? Yeah. Gabe. Hey. Gabe, can I please just have a minute with you? Yeah. What, so you’re just going to pretend like this isn’t happening? I mean, I don’t know what you want me to say, Nat. I can’t be a single mom, Gabe. You’re not a single mom. You know, there’s a war going on, I’m not making it up. It’s something we were both aware of when we signed up. When you signed up. Okay, Natty. And what. What does Devin get to do’? Why does he get to stay back, ’cause he broke his arm? I mean, he gets to stay back for what? Because we need a presence here as well. Why? Who the ‘s attacking America? You’re gonna be okay, Nat. Really? Afghanistan, Gabe? You think that I want to do this, that this is something I want to do, like I can’t wait to go to war? You know, I’d love to stay here and just be here with you, Natty, but I can’t do that. That’s not an option for me. Man… I’m sorry. You know, it’s not easy for me, either. You’re mad and he’s mad and… No, I’m sad, and he’s sad, and the whole neighborhoods sad. Stop. Hey, come on. Stop, Nat. Natty, I’m sorry. Come on. We’re gonna be fine. Hey, we’re gonna be fine. Come on. Don’t look at me. We’re gonna be fine. I love you. I love you. Hey, bud. You’re leaving. Yeah. You won’t play anymore? Why? You know, I was thinking about… I was thinking about… You know, in the old days, we used to send letters. I mean, way back, you know. It was, like, a big process. You had to, like, write it by hand. You had a find a stamp, find a mailbox. It was just this whole big thing. Now, we don’t have to do that anymore, ’cause now we got email and Skype… It’s almost like I’m here already, you know? And before you know it, I will be. You know? I could give you something. Yeah. What is it? It’s me and Mom. Oh! Mom know you have this? You sneaky little weasel. I love you, man. I love you so much. And when you get there, will you do that letter thing with me? Yeah, I’ll do the letter thing as soon as I get there. Soon as I land, I’ll start with the letter thing. In hand, every day. All right? Look at me. Man down. Man down. All right. Last stop. You know, it was you that got me into this . Yeah, well, seemed like a good idea at the time. Mm. Hey, man, you could always put your arm through a window. Yeah. I can’t believe this . You’re the only family I ever had, man. All right, don’t do that now. Just watch out for mine, all right? You know I will. L know you will. All right, send me pictures and… I know what kind of pictures you want. Yeah, all right. Don’t be a out there! You know me. I don’t know where he is… I don’t know where Johnny is. What’d you say? Hey, what did you just say? What’d you say? Nothing. I didn’t… No, you just said “Johnny,” man. You recognize the boy in the photo? What? My son? I don’t recognize anyone. That’s bull . That’s bull , man. He’s lying to you. He just said Johnny’s name. On my life, he just said your son’s name, man. He said it. Let’s just get where we’re going. Hello? Devin. Yo. Hey. What the … Hey, sorry I’m calling late, man. You doing something right now? Uh, n-no. Can you talk? Yeah, man. I was trying to get ahold of Natalie, but I can’t get her on cell or Skype. so… Yeah, yeah, no, of course, man. Um, yeah, I think, you know, I think she’s been pretty hectic with Johnny’s, you know, practice, and working late and whatever, so… But I can go ’round and check it out if you’re worried. Yeah, can you do that? Yeah, man, of course. How’s Johnny? Johnny’s great, man. He’s good, yeah. He’s killing it. Really! Man, he’s murdering, bro. Roma’s got nothing on that kid, man. No! Not that Rome’s got anything on anybody, you know how it is. Yeah. So, it’s pretty ed up over there, huh? Yeah,

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