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Ok. Revolution! Rights of people to start people war! Long live Maoist UCPi Hey! Take this. Give him a proper education! I’ll make him a future hero. Uncle! Take this, grandfather sent it. Prakash, try this one. Long live the headman! That’s more like it. Who says I can’t be cool? You need to study well. Then you will be cool. Ok, you both carry on. Hello buddy! Namaste, Headman. Getting ready for the wedding? I’ve got something for you. I bring you nice fabric. You know I always sell good quality. Prakash! Take the drums to your father and decorate them. Yes, go b)’ Stop that noise. Be quiet. Otherwise you won’t understand the story. Caption’s house is at the corner. And the headman’s house is down there. Next to the peach tree? Yes. Let’s make a move. Prakash, the horse is thirsty, take it to the water tap. Ok. Stop the drums. Mr. Surbir, come. What do you want? We have a small matter with him. Are you blind? Headquarters’ order. But this is a wedding! Shut up, come with us. There’s no time for this. Please! Take me instead. We’ll send him back in a few days, it’s just for official business. Don’t worry mother. I’ll be back. This is no time to talk to your mother. Long live Maoist CPN! Hey sister! Sister! Why are you here? Go home. No, I won’t. Let’s go together. I’ll be back, go home. No way. Why are they taking Surbir? He’ll be fine. Just go home. You know sister, father sold Karishma. And I can’t buy her back. Bijuli, you’re here too? Now I understand. Comrade, vve must cross before the government finds out. When’ll you be home? Dashain. Take this money for our Karishma. Promise you won’t tell father or anyone else that we met. I promise! Comrade Jvvala! Always keep it with you. This place is no longer safe for us. You’ll have to go to the city. Your sister Uzhyale and me, we will join you in a few days. I always told you never to be friends with the Untouchables. Now you see, your studies are ruined. So go to the city and get an education there. Okay? Prakash! Don’t cry, sonny! I wanted such a good future for Bijuli! But she’s dashed my hopes. Now hovv will I show my face in the village? Don’t cry, son. Stop playing with Kiran. The headman doesn’t like it. Focus on your studies. You have to fulfil our dream and become the school headmaster. Now you are my only hope. Iran into sis Online Radio Australia Hey boy! Hey old man! Give me those eggs. We’ll have them with v\/ine. I had to go to another village to get this little bottle. Why’? Don’t you knovW Know what? The police shut our village shop down. Really? Yes. They accused the owner of selling goods to the Maoists. Poor fellow. So now I’m planning to buy it out. The whole thing? Of course, you expect me to buy half a shop? For real? Yes. Hey boy! Make some snacks! Let him be. Why is he ignoring me? I have some fried potatoes left. I’ll get them for you. All right! Your mother is dead. You must wear these white clothes for a year. Mother! Namaste, Headman. Namaste. Hovv are things? Maoists broke the ceasefire and ended the peace process. We have already started search operations. Don’t worry! Hey, old man. Where is your daughter? I don’t know sir Online Radio Australia Nd, do you Know’? I don’t. You both go to the same school, right? She’s coming back for Dashain. Hovv do you know that? She called me. Do you have her number? Old man! If you don’t bring us Bijuli during Dashain, I’ll throw you both in jail. Got it? Hows your granddaughter sir? She’s better now. Prakash, stop! You take care. Have a safe journey, Durga. Suresh, let’s go. It’s really sad that the shop was closed. Safe journey, my lovely Online Radio Australia Prakash, wait. Wait for me. Why? What for? I have always supported you and now you are avoiding me. Is that what friendship means to you? Come with me. Grandpa! Give us back our hen. You boys back here again? You little punks! When will you stop pestering me? Get out of here! Here, look! We have all the money. I killed and ate your hen. Forget about the hen. You want to wear this watch? No. Take it. I’ll buy a new one in the city. Sister Bijuli won’t come home unless I get the hen back. What shall we do? Don’t cry. I sent that hen to my daughter’s house. Where’s that? In Serog. But that’s too far to go. Kiran, can I borrow your horse? Tenzing just said it’s too far. Can you manage to go alone? However far, I have to bring the hen back. Maybe they already ate the hen? But we don’t know that. I have to find out myself. Prakash, what am I supposed to do? You just go back home. Please, I want to join you. Your grandpa will be angry. This might be the last time we will be together. So please let’s go together. Want some? Let me try it. I told you not to inhale. What if ghosts come out? Ghosts? I would take this stick and whack the ghost like this and kill it. Don’t be scared. But what if a black bear shows up? I’ll stare the bear right in the eyes, then slowly turn around, and run away without showing fear. You coward! What if Maoists point a gun at you? Don’t talk about those creeps. I feel so bad for my sister Uzhyale. What if they don’t let Surbir go? Have some. Hiccups. Your grandpa must be thinking of you. I’ll go get some water. “Wishing you a happy festival of Dashain. “Don’t forget me. “From Durga.” Can you teach me to talk in English too Online Radio Australia What happened? The black bear scratch your eye? You Radio Online. What bear could ever kill me? Bring me some healing herbs! Ow! That hurts. Don’t die! I’d be lost without you! Why are you still here? Go on! Radio Online, you want me to die here? Where are you heading? To Serog, sir. Why are you going to Serog? To fetch a hen. What do you have with you? Nothing, sir. What’s that? Cigarettes, sir. Sir! Give them back. Why do you go to Serog? A Shaman said to get my sick grandpa a hen. Do you realise hovv dangerous it is? Get their names. They can go. What is your name? My name is Suresh Khatri. Address? Karkibada VDC, Ward No.. And yours? Birey Nepali, sir. Address? The same, sir. Uncle, uncle! Yes. Do you know the way to Serog’? Yes. Can you take us there? No. Please help us. We are lost. No. Uncle, chewing gum? Uncle! Yes. Do you know Tenzing’s daughter? No.

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