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ection, you know? How about that? Hey, Jacob, didn’t Coach Gordan say this afternoon that we weren’t suppos to have gir s upstairs? He said something about that, didn’t he? Yeah. Yeah, he did. But, I mean, ha f the guys in this house just broke that ru e, you know? So I kind of decid not to be ike a one-man ho dout on that. Yeah. Yeah, you is a team p ayer, ain’t you? Huh. So, what you want me to do? ( AUGHS) I don’t know, man. Just, uh, do the right thing, you know? Give me the room a one for a bit. Huh. You know, man, but my gir friend, she ives out of town, right? So what, you want me to just pitch a tent on the couch a the time, or what? Not a the time. Just this itt e window of time. itt e window? Yeah. Yeah. ook, come on, man, you guys are a ready breaking the a coho ru e. Or is there a waiver for one Star? Dang, that sure is one Star. That’s a coho right there. A coho ic beverage in there. I’ be danged. We , man, I’ te you what, I gotta get up ear y for registration in the morning. P us, I think Mr. Finnegan set up a room downstairs for that. Yeah, he’s in there. Wow! We , shoot, I reckon he’ be out of there before too ong, won’t he? (SCOFFS) Un be ievab e. You go get ’em, Jacob. Go show her them a bums. (MUSIC CONTINUES) ( AUGHING) JAKE: A right, bro. et’s go somewhere quiet. (VA GIGG ES) (BOTH PANTING) I fee ike the Astros are gonna make it to the Wor d Series. (EXHA ES) (WOMAN CHATTERING INDISTINCT Y ON TV) Tom, you know I wou dn’t ask you this un ess it were very important. Erica’s such a . Yeah, she’s definite y cheating on him. What? Hey, Beuter, you eaving us a ready? (ROPER AUGHS) Running home to mama, Perkins? Come on, y’a , my name ain’t Beuter. Okay, guys? It’s Bi y Autrey. Bu ! It’s Beuter Perkins unti we te you otherwise. Now, where you going, BP? You running back to that corn-f gir friend of yours a ready? No, sir, I’ be back Sunday for practice. We , we , we ! ooks ike Beuter Perkins is getting aid this weekend. Huh? You fina y trading in that phone for the rea thing? Shoot, y’a . Man, guys, she says she might be pregnant. No, sir. Yeah, man, that’s what she says. How ate is she? She’s a day ate. (A JEERING) You gotta be tin’ me, Beuter! She’s one day ate and she’s giving you for it? FINN: She’s testing you. She’s trying to gauge your response. Are you the guy that says, “Don’t worry, I’m gonna pay for the abortion,” or are you ta king about marriage? Which is what she’s hoping for. Either way, you’re ed. Give it up, Beuter Perkins. No trust me, man, she’s not pregnant, a right? We’ve a been through ike this. Except for Nez, of course, ’cause he’s sti a virgin. ( AUGHS) ook, she’s just taking your itt e chicken-fri nuts and she’s running them through the wringer, okay? She’s just giving you for it because you eft her back on the farm with a the other itt e pigs you us to . (A AUGHING) I ain’t never put it in a pig! They speaketh the truth, young Beuter Perkins. Man, we’re just worri about you, a right? Yeah, man. I mean, schoo hasn’t even start yet, and, guys, correct me if I’m wrong, but you are the officia frontrunner for the Freshman Numb-Nut of the Year award, right, guys? The what award? Oh, it’s the annua award. We give it out to the most c ue ess freshman. I think we’ve a ready start engraving his name on the p aque. How do you spe “Beuter,” by the way? My name is not Beuter! Uh, Beuter, we a so got a bet going on whether your share of the phone bi is gonna be under or over $. We gotta pay the phone bi here? FINN: I’ve a ready done the ca cu ations bas on its usage thus far, way over $. (A AUGHING) P AYER: Rea y? Oh, yeah. $ and a kid? Man, your ife’s gonna suck. (A AUGHING) Fine. Fine. ater, Beuter! A : ater, Beuter! Bye, Beuter! Beuter. (DOOR S AMS) Five bucks says we never see him again. Nez, he’s gotta come back for his . It’s a bad bet. This is why you’re osing money a the time. A good bet wou d be, I don’t know, “Is his gir friend in his fami y tree?” Okay, five bucks that his gir friend’s in his fami y tree. Okay, uh, first cousin, second cousin? First cousin, Finn. See, that’s a bad bet. I’ take the bet. Sti bad odds. First cousin? P UM: So, what do most of the guys on the team major in? DA E: Besides baseba and pussy? FINN: Ah, you mean when a gir asks? That’s easy. ook, there are thousands and thousands of peop e majoring in a kinds of here. But there’s on y of us. We’re the best team on campus. You got a footba team that’ win about three games a year. Basketba team hasn’t won . We are in the p ayoffs every year and we’re a ways rank nationa y. Da e, you’re confusing him. Bottom ine is this, her friends are gonna ask, “What’s he ike? What’s he do?” She’s not gonna have to say the o d, “I don’t know. He’s a marketing major.” That’s not gonna cut it. “He’s a baseba p ayer.” (BOTH EXC AIMING) See, now they got something specia to ta k about. “How’s your ba p ayer doing?” “Oh, he’s sti stiff as a bat.” “You sti ba in’ your p ayer?” “Oh, he’s s iding home.” That’s coo , that’s coo and everything. I ike pussy. But, you know, what about schoo ? ike, what do I take? Oh, oh, oh. That’s easy, that’s easy. You get good at making the schoo -part work for you, right? It’s ike a puzz e, man. What teachers wi give you a break, what c asses to take. Hey, ook, you gotta start the semester with hours, a right? But you on y gotta be passing nine to be e igib e. Drop one c ass, b ow off another. DA E: God damn it, P ummer! Ca it! Wake up! P UM: Oh! DA E: Whoo! (INDISTINCT CONVERSATION) NEZ: I kinda ike our re ationship. Mmm. It’s ike, I throw the junk and you get yourse f out. WI OUGHBY: ! JAKE: Was that a big dea for you, transferring in senior year? WI OUGHBY: No, man, not rea y. You know, I’ sti have a few hours that I gotta comp ete, you know? I’ go back in ate summer, graduate, do that thing. And where’s, uh, San uis Obispo? Uh, Ca ifornia. That’s where you’re from? Yeah. Yeah. Sort of the centra coast area. Coo . Coo . Mmm Radio Yeah. Yeah. Very coo . I’m from this, uh, sma

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