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it’s pretty ed up. Listen, good news. Um, I’m headed your way, like, a week from tomorrow. Get outta here. Yeah, for real. Wow. Yeah, I got this thing off my arm, bro. I’m coming. That’s great. Yeah. Anyway, you know, I just want to thank you for going to check on things. Oh, come on, man, of course. Yeah. Of course. If you see Natty, tell her I love her. I will. Tell her to pick up her cell phone. Yeah, okay, man. All right. Your address, Minnesota Street, is that correct? Yes, sir. And that’s where your wife and child reside? Yes, sir. I don’t really see what that has to do with anything, sir. Why you keep looking at that paper. Would you rather I not? I don’t know. Is there a reason you asked about my address? Just making sure you’re you. Okay. Am I me? I believe so. Why don’t we talk about Kamdesh? I mean, that’s the reason I’m here, isn’t it? Okay. Kamdesh. Can they give the vehicles to the Army next time? This is bull . Machines break down, Marine. Yes, they do. We’re all good up here. This area is secure. We’re at war, Marine. Nothing’s secure. Yes, sir. Candygram. Trick or treat. They want a hand delivery. Yeah, that’s why I don’t bother. How’s the arm, Roberts? Great. Yeah? Yeah. Uh-huh. You’ve been whacking it? How about Drummer? You been whacking Drummer’? Yep. How we doing down there, Jones? Two minutes should be good to pull her out, sir. Let’s keep our heads on, Marines! Come on, it’s candy! Everybody likes it. They don’t like the candy. I can’t get anything out of these kids. You see him on the second deck? They say gluten-free. Shut the up. Just about good here, sir. These kids must be on the Atkins Diet, or some . Sir, we’re just about good here! Sir, I got movement, second deck, -. All right, back her up! Ready to go! Oh, ! I.E.D.! I.E.D.! Yeah! What the ! Pull that ! We’ve got troops in combat! Troops in combat! Go, go! Take cover! Pull the pin! Second deck! We’re moving! Come on, sir! ! Backtrack! What the hell are you doing? It’s a carbide rifle! ! Sir! Take it! Keep it coming! Keep it coming! We’re good! What the . What the are we doing here? Set! Grenade! Go, go, go! Is there a reason you don’t want to discuss what you saw in that room? What I saw in the room, sir? Experienced. Gabriel, you’ve been through a series of traumatic events. I don’t know. I prefer if we just move on. I’ll be fine, sir. I’d assure you, these are things you do not simply move on from. What do you suggest that I do, then? That’s what we’re here to sort out. Either way, we have a mandatory date again. Funded by a government who’d like to see people like me gone. Gone? Maybe if you looked at the spike in suicide rates of military personnel in this country, you’d know what you’re looking for. And what would that be? Has that been a problem? Gabriel. Yes, sir. You brought up suicide. Is there a reason you did that? I don’t know. I just don’t want my kid to hurt. Of course. You want to kill me, don’t you? I just want to find my son. You’re a Marine, huh? Hoorah. You know where my son is, Charles? I haven’t seen anybody. I’d tell you if I did. What the is that? What is that? There’s people in that building. Who are they? I don’t… I don’t know. I don’t see… Are they Americans? if I know, man. They might as well roll the red carpet out on these borders, people they let into this goddamned country. Holy . Still not concerned about what you friend here is up to, huh? That’s a mother cell phone, dog. Dev, there’s people in my building. In that building. What? There’s people. You just said there was nobody here. There’s people in that building. Who’s over there? They got kids in the building? There are kids over there? What you seeing, Drummer? They got kids in that building? Where you going? Hey, mother er! Where you going, man? I’m not going anywhere. Where you going? I’m not going anywhere. He’s trying to run, man. Who are you calling on this phone? I’m not calling… Who are you calling on this phone? What? What is this? What do you see? What did you see, Drummer? How did you get this? How did you get this envelope? How did you get this envelope? Listen, I don’t know. How did you get this envelope? It’s an envelope addressed to my kid. My envelope. It’s addressed to Johnny? What do you know about that’! My envelope, it’s not. What? My envelope. How the did you have my envelope? Wait, wait, wait! ! No! Clear left! Clear right! Overhead check clear! Team , team ! We’re moving to the second deck! We’ll take them! So, I’d like to discuss, if you would, the incident. I’d like to start from your point of entry… what you saw and what you experienced. It was you and Corporal Devin Roberts. Corporal Roberts, myself, Second Lieutenant Taylor. We entered the first floor, cleared and neutralized the first floor, and then… we went to the second floor. Where there was a room. Yes, sir. On the ground! On the ground! On the ground! Clear left! . Boys, move in closer! Come down! Get down! Get down! On the ground! Get on the ground! Hey, hey, come on! Get on the ground. Roberts! Roberts! Hey, take a breath. Down. On the ground.

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