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every aspect of her life. Dr. Feldman: The control was total in the same sense that the control of a kidnapped victim sometimes is total. Her daughter was, in essence, a hostage, and I think we can understand the crime that occurred subsequently in terms of a hostage trying to gain escape. Woodmansee: Any time Gypsy and I were together, her mom was always present. She was immediately like a filter for us, you know. Like, Gypsy wouldn’t talk about anything personal while we were together. That’s like, really, the big red flag, thinking back on it all now. Dee Dee would always hold Gypsy’s hand, you know? It was like, I don’t know– it was almost like, you know, just, “If I squeeze it, you’ll know what to say.” I mean, that was just so strange to me. Just to feel it now, I think that was really strange. Even in videos I’ve seen since then, I’m like, “Yep, it’s just the same thing.” It’s like she’s holding her hand. I mean, now I’m– it was maybe a control thing. Dr. Feldman: The hand-holding and the tight hugs is a way of asserting mastery over another person and saying, “You’re not free. You are under my control at all times, even in relatively benign situations like our being photographed getting the Habitat for Humanity home.” You know, those are innocuously happy occasions, but they were also occasions where Dee Dee reasserted her mastery over Gypsy. My mom had cake Radio Gypsy: If we were in a group of friends, you know, if I said something that I wasn’t supposed to, she’d squeeze my hand, and I’d know, “Zip it.” I was just afraid, just too afraid. Dr. Feldman: I have a strong feeling that the extent of the control over her, heavily psychological as it was, would’ve involved physical punishment as well. She’d hit me with a coat hanger Radio or her– or her palm. And I’d have to take so many slaps for– depending on what, how severe it was, I did. Carr: Did you ever try to hit back? Never. Never. It’s like if you have a baby and you, like, get in its face and the baby starts to struggle and get away from you. Now picture that happening for your whole life, right? Your mother is just in your face and will not get away. That’s basically what Gypsy’s whole life was like. It’s snowing. I’m not joking. [Dee Dee at home in Missouri] They said it’s snowing, so I’m staying under my heating blankie. And I’m not getting out, mm-mm. She wants to get out. Ain’t gonna happen. Let her doll take care of her. Gypsy: Oh! Her mother was so suffocating, so powerful, so manipulative that Gypsy may have felt any efforts to escape were bound to fail. The first time I ran away from home, I had met a friend. We both went to this sci-fi fantasy convention called Visioncon. I told him vaguely about what was going on at home. And he told me, you know, “You just pack your stuff and you can come live with me in Arkansas.” And I said, “Okay.” I stepped out, got a ride from a stranger, and went over to his place. And then within, like, four hours, my mom found me at his place because we had mutual friends in common. So she was threatening to call the cops on him. And she took me back home and smashed my computer with a hammer, smashed my cell phone with a hammer and said, “If you ever try to do that again, I’m going to smash your fingers with a hammer.” It was a rough year. I call that “the bad times.” She had taken this dog leash and clipped it to a pair of handcuffs, and clipped the handcuffs to the bed and kept– it was like that for about two weeks. My mom had actually convinced a lawyer to draw up some papers saying that I was incompetent. So I thought if I had tried to go to the police, they’d look at these papers and say, “She’s retarded. She doesn’t know what she’s talking about.” Gypsy has essentially fallen through every crack there is in the system. The Greene County Sheriff’s deputies came out to the house on an anonymous report that Gypsy was potentially being abused. And they came to the house, they spoke with Dee Dee, and Dee Dee did exactly what she does all the time– she manipulated the police officers, showed them a few things, and they left.

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