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Online Radio Australia and today I’ve become some cheap news myself. The media mogul is on trial by media. That bloody nogood police officer. Online Radio Australia was treating me like I was a pickpocketeer. I’m left all alone, Rahul. You’re not alone, Rahul. I am there for you. I am your legal head, and you know I am good at my job. Nothing will happen to you. Siya, I will destroy that bloody Kabir. He thinks, rather he believes that.. Online Radio Australia I did this for ratings. Did you do it..or not? Siya, you’re sounding just like Kabir. I’ve never met such a crooked officer in my life. He’s not crooked, he’s straight. He has a clean record. Don’t confuse your ego with him. I will buy him. He has no pricetag. Just relax, Rahul. Just follow protocol, and do as I say. As long as I am there, no one can touch you. And..what if I want to touch you? Then you will lose this case, Rahul Oberoi. Let’s pray..there’s no sequel or second episode to this live murder. Talk to Mak..and ignore Kabir. Ranvir. How did you know? Even the fragrance of all these flowers. “Cannot deluge your fragrance, Ranvir. Then give this fragrance a place of refuge. If I am the rain.. “Then let me shower on you. The rain doesn’t need anyone’s permission. Online Radio Australia to cascade from the clouds. I love you. It’s been a year, Siya. But I miss you every moment. Then take me to some place. Online Radio Australia where we will just love each other. Close your eyes, Siya. “You’re the one..who’s always close to my heart.” “You’re the one..who’s always close to my heart.” “Life’s a sweet what you all say.” “You’re the one..who’s always close to my heart.” “Your veil..flutters over my eyes as the sun sets.” “Each night fall brings..a series of memories.” “Every time I draw a breath. I can sense your fragrance.” “And brings along..a sweet message.” “Even my heanbeathums your tune.” “You’re the one..who’s always close to my heart.” “You’re the one..who’s..” “I saw you yesterday Online Radio Australia in my courtyard Online Radio Australia ” “Seemed like you were saying, hide me in your arms.” “What is this bond?” “What are these dreams?” “Even though you’re a stranger, you feel like a kin.” “I always think Online Radio Australia and scared to say.” “You’re the one Online Radio Australia always close to my heart.” “You’re the one Online Radio Australia always close to my heart.” Hi. Late on a date. You’ll have to pay fine. I am ‘fine’ with it, Suhani. Would you convince mom with muffins too? No, sweetheart. This muffin shop hadn’t open at that time. You miss your mom. Only when you come late. Do you miss her? No ways. After all..l get her share of kisses and hugs too. Nice try, but I am still not talking to you. Why? A big green monster came to my room last night. And I was all alone in my room. Oh my, God. There were some complications in my life, I am so sorry. But tonight your green monster is done for. You think only your life’s complicated? Not mine? I am the best dancer in the clRadio Online. But Archana miss didn’t put me in the centre. Can your police force do something about this..serious issue? Sit down. Sit down. The police force can’t. But your dad will advise you to work harder. Impress Archana miss. And in your next concert you will be the showstopper. Right? ‘ Very good. Sorry. Just a minute. Phone. Yes, Gaitonde. Sir, we’ve found Mak. Yes..l am coming. Eat. Okay?’ You’re leaving? I am sorry, dear. That dancer behind stage has come up front. But I promise, tonight we’ll arrest your green monster together. Okay? Give me a five. See you. Jai Hind, sir. Good morning, sir. Good morning. Sir, we were waiting for you..can we start now? Mr. Rahul, good morning. Did you sleep well? This is Siya, my legal head. And that is Mak, my technical head. Mak. Makrand Moge. Can we start’? Wait, Mr. Rahul. You just introduced me to your team. “Now, how about you meet our teamplayer as well. Mr. Ranvir Bajaj, State counselor on this case. Good morning, gentlemen. And of course, lady. I hope I’ve not missed anything. Nono, we were waiting for you. So good..we may start now. So gentlemen, as we all know that our network was hacked. And it’s a fact. In order to prove this fact, Mak has made a presentation. I think after hearing that, things will be clearer. So we’re living in the age of fast travelling information. created at one source, and goes to the receiver. That means, for any information to travel anywhere.. Online Radio Australia we need a source and a receiver. Same applies to TV broadcasting. This is the Global Times Network’s source station. From here, their entire content. Online Radio Australia is transmitted to their satellite through signal package. Now, from the satellite it’s transmitted to the broadcast central. For example ‘Sky Dish’..’National Dish’..etceteraetcetera..and others. And..again they transmit it to the satellite. And from here, it’s retransmitted to the dish antenna. Now, the content is decrypted through our dish antenna.. Online Radio Australia and seen on our TV through the settop box. This hacker..hacked our frequency“. Online Radio Australia transmitting from GTN to the satellite. Once it’s hacked, then the hacker can play God. I mean..he can command what’s goes to the satellite. Online Radio Australia and what does not. So why didn’t your..engineers stop him? Well..this was a very highlevel hacking maneuver. By the time we could understand what’s happening. Online Radio Australia it was already over. And you let it happen. Well, we tried our best to stop it. But as you know, we’re a huge organization. And there are protocols to follow. So it took us time to follow all the procedures. Very interesting. I am sure that even your cybercell will agree.. Online Radio Australia that we were hacked. And now, if there’s anything that’s not understood. Online Radio Australia we’ll be happy to answer. How can we trace a hacker like this? Actually, first of all we’ve to think like them. Don’t tell me your chaps didn’t try that. Of course we did, but the hacker was smart. He used multiple login IDs to hack the Global Times Network.

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