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And at that point, Gypsy has absolutely nowhere else to turn. Literally everyone failed her. Literally. The doctors who were positioned as there to help her didn’t help her. Her father, who I think was in a very difficult position, couldn’t help her. How was she supposed to think anybody could? I was just kind of at that point where you’re like, “I’m angry at the world and this is unfair.” Why couldn’t anybody figure this out before it got this bad? Woman: Gypsy. Dee Dee: Over here, baby. We all kind of did see how Gypsy was being treated by Dee Dee, not that it was like horrible, beating the shit out of her in the back room with a freaking cable, you know? She would just– she put her in a wheelchair and told her, “Your leg’s messed up. You can’t walk.” Her sister told me once, “Rod, you know, Gypsy can walk.” And I asked Dee Dee about it. She’s like, “Yeah, well, with her muscular dystrophy or with her disease, her muscles hurt sometimes. So sometimes she can walk when she’s feeling okay, but it’s progressive. It’s going to get worse.” And it wasn’t long after that that they were– they started moving further and further away. And there was nobody there to question– question that anymore, you know? After all of the doors had been closed– family, friends, the police– I think that Gypsy felt she had no other– no other avenue. Gypsy: I met Nick through a Christian dating website. He was one of the profiles that I had saw. Thought he was cute, so I checked him out, sent him a wink. He sent me one back. Once you met on there, what happened? We got closer on there, and we connected more and more. Godejohn: The way that we clicked, we somehow just knew we were right for each other. Four days later, we started a relationship together. Dean: Gypsy had no template for romance that wasn’t this sort of heightened Prince Charming narrative. And Nick just happened to be there. His background equipped him with a bad narrative in different ways. So, it was like two bad narratives collided with each other. What kind of person– if somebody never met him, what kind of person is Nick? He’s pretty quiet, kept to himself, you know. We always tell him he’s got to get out and mingle, you know. Sure. But he’s like, “I’m afraid of getting backstabbed, because everybody backstabs you,” and all that stuff. He has autism, you know, Asperger’s. Has he been diagnosed with autism and Asperger’s? Yes. Okay. Stephanie: Last doctor he talked to, they said his mind is probably always going to be , , right around there. At first, it was all lighthearted, you know. “If you got married, where would you like to have your honeymoon?” You know, “Where would you like to get married? Where are all the places you want to travel?” Different things like that, normal stuff. And as it progressed, things got weird. He started talking about something called BDSM. Gypsy: And at first, I didn’t know what it was, so I looked it up. And once I looked it up, I was like, “I don’t want to do this.” And then he kind of just talked me into it and was like, “It’ll be fine,” you know? “Try this with me.” And so, I agreed to it. I was taught that a woman’s role is to be submissive and the man is dominant, so I didn’t think it was that outlandish. Then his ex had messaged me. She told me, you know, he’s a really bad guy. He thinks he’s a vampire and he’s into all this dominant/submissive stuff. And I was thinking, it’s just an ex. You know, she’s just badmouthing him. She doesn’t know anything. She’s jealous, blah, blah, blah. She was right. Godejohn also has a criminal past. In he was arrested after investigators say he was watching ography and fondling himself in a McDonald’s restaurant for nine hours, police finding a large knife during the arrest. I really don’t know what’s wrong with him, but, I mean, it’s not like I ever had a boyfriend before, so I really didn’t know what was a normal relationship. How don’t know how much she told you about me, but Radio Have you been diagnosed with that? I probably should be diagnosed with it because it– it happens– the thing is, I used to take a medication.

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