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Oh, . Louis, it’s a point for your team. Louis, here we are. It’s just Look, there it is. AUDIENCE REACTS You guys at home RAMSEY: You can see it. That’s what the meal was. You wanna get it out? What do I have to do? Put ’em in, give ’em a suck Bffff! LAUGHTER ..and detect what the meal was. Eurgh! AUDIENCE REACTS You’re a food detector. Eugh! Agh! Oh, Keith. AUDIENCE REACTS AUDIENCE LAUGHS No! What was it? What did you think it was? Blargh! AUDIENCE LAUGHS AUDIENCE APPLAUDS ALL LAUGH Oooh, no! LAUGHS Blargh! Not yet. LAUGHS What would you say it was? I’ve no idea. ALL LAUGH AUDIENCE APPLAUDS I’ll, I’ll give you a clue, yeah? Yeah. It’s livers and spinach and bacon. What do you think it is, Louis? Liver There was definitely some liver in it. Yes. And maybe a little bit of bacon. Yes. Yeah. For a point, what was the green stuff? I don’t know. AUDIENCE LAUGHS What, what does Popeye eat? Spinach. Yes, that’s correct, Louis Walsh! APPLAUSE DROWNS OUT SPEECH Oh, my God! Next up to play, it’s probably a pinnacle of his career, it’s the Grammy-winning Ed Sheeran. AUDIENCE CHEERS AND APPLAUDS ED: Oh. AUDIENCE CHEERS How comfy is this chair? Comfort. I literally, like, cos you didn’t pick Fearne, so I was just joking with Chris. I was like, “I’m glad it’s not me.” ALL LAUGH There you go. For those of you at home, this is what it is, this is what the meal is. See the teeth. AUDIENCE REACTS LAUGHTER AND GROANING I can’t see. There you go. So glad that he wrote that letter to us now. FEARNE: It looks nice. It’s got chocolate. Don’t think of dog food. It’s not dog food. off, Fearne. off, mate, Jesus. AUDIENCE LAUGHS AUDIENCE REACTS LAUGHTER AUDIENCE REACTS Here, hold on, hold on, hold on. “I can’t even look. That’s Louis Walsh’s spit! AUDIENCE LAUGHS Ed, what’s your thoughts? What you thinking that meal was? Coffee beans. What else? It was a full meal, so coffee was one element of it. Think old people, think breakfast time. Like coffee and eggs? FEARNE: Close. The adjudicators have just told me we need three elements.

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