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Don’t worry about it. Don’t worry. Hey Man! Did you get the stuff I asked you for? Yes. It’s safe. Don’t worry. Where is it? Send me the money you promised. I will. No problem. But, what about the cops? My startup needs an investor. Do the honours And, I’ll tell you where the data is Anything for the data. Anything. Tell me how can I get my hands on it. Look for Gultoo Kannada movie on torrents. This is not something to be happy about. But, we have found the data finally. In that GULTOO video, He had hidden the data, and encrypted it. All these are Steganograph media. It’s difficult to decrypt without the key But Phaneesh! Isn’t this enough to file charges against him? But, that the file has been uploaded on torrents Is from your E-mail ID! It’s a crime that hasn’t hurt the righteous. I’m not a hero for anybody. I’m a hero for myself. I’m an accused not a convict. I’ll definitely come back. Before you decide if I’m a good person or not, I’ll be done running. Now The time to chase dreams is now yours. Oh, look, a present. It’s a charm bracelet. Mmm, it’s very pretty. What does Prentiss have to say? Just a lot of personal stuff. You know. I know. But he says he’ll be home soon. They found the ruins they were looking for. Mmm. Excellent. In fact, the charm on the bracelet is some ancient coin he found in a temple they uncovered there. It was attached to the right hand of a gigantic stone idol, he says. It’s a relic from some ancient civilization. Isn’t that exciting? Mmm. “Shesh, shash.” Shesh, shash. Jones! Morning, Kellgore. You almost ran me down. Oh, I’m very sorry. But I didn’t, did I? No, but you ca me awfully close. Please accept my apologies, old man. Shesh, shash. Uh, what’d you say? What? Say? Oh, nothing, Kellgore, nothing. Well, it sounded like you said “shesh, shash.” Oh, yes, I did. Quite right. Yes. Shesh, shash. Morning, Kellgore. Morning, Jones. Good morning. Good morning, Professor. Yesterday, we considered the transmutation of certain words from the Assyro Babylonic. And we noted that the Assyro Babylonic word for house, bitu, appears in the classical Hebrew as . As what, Mr. Crane? Uh, bayeth. Well, almost right, Mr. Crane. Thank you. The correct pronunciation is bayeth. And who can tell us what form the word takes in Aramaic? Yes, Miss Blakiston? Baytha Quite right, Miss Blakisto Thank you. You could build a tremendous edifice of error based on the fact that the Hebrew and Sanskrit words for “six” are almost identical, although wholly unrelated. They are, if I may remind you, sheshand shash. Shesh, shash? Uh, yes, sir. Right in the middle of the campus, this morning. Shesh, shash Professor Kellgore, I don’t think we need worry ourselves. Professor Jones is a very brilliant man in the field of ancient Eastern languages, as you are brilliant in the field of modern European languages. I think we can allow him a few little peculiarities, hmm? Sir, I’m sure that Professor Jones is excellent in the classroom. Well, then? But his executive ability . Could Saracen Valley have a dean of language who goes around muttering

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