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Corning up. Bloody hell! Great here, isn’t it? Like Rébuffat. Put your arms out. It’s wonderful! Wonderful! It’s steep. It’s exposed, yes. I daren’t move! It’s really pointy. The colour of the lakes on the glacier is extraordinary. Turquoise blue Online Radio Australia Look at those tracks over there! Ski tracks? Oh, yes. In fact, I thought it’d be thinner than it is. You wouldn’t want to be too fat! No, but it’s OK. It’s amazing to be here Online Radio Australia Just amazing! Slack, Claire! I’m there. Where did you bivouac in winter? In winter? On the JorRadio Onlinees, over there. When you’re on a committing route, you think, “I’d love to be down there. “Some people are so lucky.” I wouldn’t say that now. We’re the lucky ones! The lights are starting to come on down there. The kids should be in bed by now. Did you see that? There was a bank of clouds blocking the sun. Now it’s clear. There’s only the dome of the sun left. The cirrus. See that? Those clouds over there. They look like a mountain. Did you sleep well? Yes, very well. And you? Yes, but I had two Italians next to me Online Radio Australia The one who said his name was Pierrot was singing his head off! I’ll have a cappuccino for the first time. Something new. It’ll give me a boost to get over the bergschrund. Unless you want to go first. No, I know how much you love bergschrunds! It won’t be me, anyway. Let’s go. Gentlemen Online Radio Australia After you. Clumsy git! Did you see? I slipped, Lothar. Yes. Honest! Yeah, I know you. For once, I was sticking close to you Online Radio Australia I thought you were steadier on your feet than that. Imagine, after a metre abseil in total darkness Online Radio Australia well, almost total darkness finding your climbing partner lying there lifeless Online Radio Australia At first, I was convinced that she was Online Radio Australia that she was dead. But then I saw that she was breathing, so it was going to be OK. I wrapped her in all my spare clothes, and she came to, saying, “Where am I? What’s happening?” Be careful belaying. No, Lothar, you belay her. And I can backbelay Lothar. I hate bergschrunds. Whatever happens, the two of us make a good counterweight. You can climb together. The two of you haven’t been up there for years! We aren’t in the first flush of youth, are we? No, but we Online Radio Australia Lothar and I go a long way back. In the mountains, at sea and Online Radio Australia And that’s all! We’ll say no more! Off I go. Go on. Be careful belaying. Like your husband. Go on! Like a newlywed! Like a newlywed. Go on Online Radio Australia Radio Online, I’m terrified! There’s a big hole here. How deep is it? No idea. I have no desire to find out. The snow looks quite solid. Done it! Oh, I hate that! That’s it, it’s done. Be careful. The snow could still break. I’m going to use my knees! Good! I’ve done it. You floated up it! I’m climbing as fast as I can! He used his knee, despite his legendary flexibility! Here, I’ll put this around your Online Radio Australia My ice axe. Your ice axe. I’ll belay here. What? Lothar’s got a problem with his hearing aid! It’s not bad being here together, is it? You OK, Lothar? I’ll just copy you. You haven’t forgotten, have you, Lothar, that it’s only my second ice climb? Right. You’ll be OK, even if the ice is very hard. The last one wasn’t that long ago Online Radio Australia years ago! That shows our age. Your leg seems to be holding up OK. Can you remember where the route used to go? Here, or further right? In the middle, but Online Radio Australia I remember this bit. I couldn’t see to the left, because it was still dark. In any case, we’re OK here. We haven’t got lost. Not like before. We always used to get lost. We’re in the right couloir. So, it’s still my lead? Give me some slack. You know how impatient she is. Slack! I’ll belay here. You’ll have to belay, yes. I’ll belay higher up in the ice. Doesn’t it get a bit steeper there? Yes. So it’s not just my imagination. The ice is really hard. It’s not easy. We’ll get there in the end! A little break for me. That brings back memories for Lothar. He doesn’t like talking about the past, but here he has to. You were barely out of nappies the last time Lothar was here. It’s still a great pleasure to climb with such a beautiful woman! Come on, granddad, get your axes in properly. The terrible trio are back! Here you are, Gaby. Thanks, Catherine. What’s up? No, what I like is that it feels like a mountain. It feels like a mountain! Even at the top. And, perhaps at the bottom, a little more so. Look at that! So, Catherine, how far up do you think we are? Halfway. Halfway? Halfway? Blocks of ice in the face. Great! No other woman climbs as well as she does Online Radio Australia in the mountains, on crags and in competitions. Even if she’s eased off a bit and stopped doing competitions. She did well in them, but she soon got bored. After two or three years she’d had enough. She could only think about climbing in the mountains. Competitions weren’t really her thing. Every other competition, she’d say, “That’s the last! I don’t want to do any more.” But she kept winning, in spite of herself. It wasn’t at all what you’d call the competitive spirit of sporting champions. The Americans, for example. When I see Lynn Hill Online Radio Australia She really wants to win, she pulls out all the stops. Catherine doesn’t, it just happens. That’s the sort of climber Catherine is. I think she’s great. You can’t do better. OK, I’ll stop gushing. Gaby, help me. I’m helping. You wouldn’t still be in love, would you? I’m not saying anything else without my lawyer. I get the feeling that I’m in an area here that’s even worse than the rest. Thanks, Gaby! Did you just fart? No, no Online Radio Australia Where’s that wind coming from, then? Italy? Natter, natter, natter! I even forgot we were in the mountains. And now Online Radio Australia a kiss! No, we’re not at the summit yet. The summit? We’re not there yet. So that’s how you get me to keep going. The kiss at the top! The great romantic! I’m glad to be at the top. And you? My calves are exploding! Where’s the drink you promised us? In the rucksack.

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