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Now a few words from someone who has not been with us for several years. Your attention, please, for General Greifer, our general. (BRASS BAND FAN FARE) GENERAL: Comrades, tonight we’re together here. But when are we apart? For us, nothing changes. Germany believes she doesn’t need us now, but one day, she’ll know that she does! We’ll be as mighty again as we ever were! It’ll take time, but the ideals will be the same. When the drums beat and the bands play, and our flags wave again, and our whole nation will be united once more, then we’ll march together to the ends of the earth! One people. One Germany. One leader! (ROARS OF APPROVAL) (BAND STRIKES UP “SCHWARZBRAUN IST DIE HASELNUSS”) CROWD (DROWNING OUT CONVERSATION): ♪ Schwarzbraun ist die Haselnuss ♪ Schwarzbraun bin auch ich, auch ich ♪ Schwarzbraun muss ein Mädel sein ♪ Gerade so wie ich. ♪ Holderi juvi juvi di ha ha ha ♪ Holderi juvi juvi di ha ha ha ♪ Holderi juvi juvi di ha ha ha ♪ Holderi juvi juvi di ♪ Juvi juvi di ha ha ha ♪ Juvi juvi di ha ha ha ♪ Juvi juvi di ha ha ha ♪ Juvi juvi di ♪ Holderi juvi juvi di ha ha ha ♪ Juvi juvi di ha ha ha ♪ It’s good to be back, even if only for a few hours. Greifer went too far tonight. Very unclever. He’ll get himself into difficulties again. Warn him. Yes, Herr General. Take your coat off, Werner. Thank you. Whiskey? A small one, please. Ferdinand? Nothing, thank you. Nothing. Ice? No, thank you. What was that incident at the rally? A young journalist. We know all about him. What did he want? He’s been asking questions about Eduard, but he is not getting anywhere. It’s being dealt with. I hope so. The only reason for my visit is to protect this project. Sit down, gentlemen. Thank you. The deadline for Nasser’s rockets has been brought forward to March first. It is essential that the teleguidance system is completed at least six weeks before that date. Rest assured, Herr General, it will be. I had hoped Kennedy’s death would give us more time, but it looks as though President Johnson will force the German arms deal with the Jews.

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