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I used to hear voices in my head. Then it went away. And then somehow it’s a part of myself. Okay. Does Gypsy know that? Yes. She does know that. Okay. His multiple personalities would come out, and he had talked to me one day and he was just like, “You know, I would like my other personalities to have a girlfriend.” So I made up some individual personalities to match his other personalities. Godejohn: One side of her is named Kitty. It’s like a little girl inside of her. We had another one called Candy. She has an evil side of herself as well. She used to call her Ruby. Gypsy: It was deaf, dumb, blind love. And sometimes, it’s a big crazy love. Dean: One of the most interesting things about this case is that no matter how much control you have over an individual, you can’t stop adolescent uality from blossoming. Her whole life, this had been a subject that was forbidden to her, and, ultimately, that turned into a really destructive force. Gypsy: Probably about a year into our relationship, I just couldn’t lie to him anymore. And I just told him everything. Why did nobody know she could walk? Her mom wanted everyone to think that she was, like, the entire time. So, yeah, she felt kind of trapped on a wheelchair when I actually was trying to encourage her to be able to walk more and more and more. Gypsy: It really didn’t come up, like, “I want you to kill her.” But he had said, “I’ll protect you from anybody.” And I said, “Anybody?” And he said, “Yeah.” And I said, “Even my mom?” And he said, “Yeah.” And that’s where it kind of developed from there on. We’d call it “plan B.” But we always pushed it back. You know, it was just a thought. It was never reality. We’ll consider other options. We had planned a meeting at a movie theater. I and my mom was going to go see “Cinderella,” the live-action version of “Cinderella,” and I was like, “This is a perfect time for us to meet. I’ll buy your ticket, and you come to the movie theater. We’ll meet like we’re just meeting as new friends, and it’s going to be perfect.” Godejohn: She wanted to have with me, so I did. Officer: Okay, she wanted to have with you? Yes. Wow, did her mom know? Um, we kept it from her mom. Okay. Where did you have at in the theater? It was in the bathroom. Okay. In the girls’ bathroom or boys’ bathroom? She just took me in the boys’ bathroom. I didn’t have any choice. We went right into the boys’ bathroom. She was okay with it. Okay, okay. And then what happened after you guys had in the theater? We went to our movie and watched it. They’re all looking at you. Believe me, they are all looking at you. I don’t know what it was, but, apparently, the night got ruined in some way. I couldn’t– I was trying to understand what was going on with her mom. She despised him. She was like, “He’s creepy. He’s weird. He’s coming to see a kids’ movie alone by himself.” And now looking back on it, yeah, it is weird. We were the only people at the movies, and he didn’t have a kid with him or a girlfriend or nothing. He’s just this guy going to see this chick movie. Carr: Couldn’t you have said that you have a friend and you want to introduce them? I wouldn’t have had no way to meet him, you know? I can’t say I met him online or Radio She’s– she was all the time with me, so there would be no other time to meet him. Once all of those plans seemed to fall apart, I just got desperate. Gypsy: He took a Greyhound bus. I managed to scrape up enough money to pay for him a ticket. And the next day, we went to the grocery store, came back home. She went to sleep very, very late, and I was up texting Nick. (voice breaking) We painted each other’s nails. And I acted like everything was fine. We had just recently got into an argument, and we had made up. And I said I was going to be a good girl. And then she went to sleep because I hurt her feelings or something. She said, “I’m starting to feel more relaxed. Don’t hurt me.” The last words she said to me was “don’t hurt me.” I went into the bathroom. I got kind of in a fetal position and I covered my ears. And I heard my mom wake up. And then she sounded startled. And there was some noises that I can’t make out, and I heard her say my name a couple times. And she said, “Help me.” And then there was just silence. Carr: Did she scream? Yeah. Dean: This is about as clear a premeditated murder as I’ve ever seen. It’s brutal. And I think it would be very hard for anybody to not have a moment of being taken aback. Did you have with Dee Dee? No. You didn’t stick your penis anywhere on her? Nope. Are you sure? Yep. Positive? I’m % positive. Okay. Did you stick your penis in her mouth? Nope. Okay. Did your penis touch anywhere on Dee Dee’s body? Nope. Okay. Did your mouth touch anywhere on Dee Dee’s body? My mouth? No. Okay. You didn’t kiss her or Radio Nope. Radio lick her or anything like that? Nope. Okay. What do you think about people that have with dead bodies? I mean, it’s quite disturbing, honestly. Okay, that’s– that would bother you? Yeah. I don’t like necrophilia. Okay, because I think one of the things that she might have said was

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