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Why do you need that Radio Online hen that clucks even at night? Dear Brothers and Sisters! Only a few days remain before the film screening. Book your tickets now. There are only a few seats left. I repeat! Only a few seats are left. Sir! What? I need to go home. What’s the problem? Grandfather’s ill. Is Miss Uzhyale leaving? No just the two of us. Then leave. Hey! Yes sir. Show me your clRadio Online work. And you? Okay, you can go. Ok everyone, continue your clRadio Online work. Uncle, wait. Kids! Sell all the film tickets? Poor school children can’t buy tickets. I trusted you kids but I was wrong. Give me back the tickets. We sold only one. Give me money for one. Just one! Give me the money. We don’t have change. I do. Give me the money. Give us our commission. Don’t worry, you can see the film for free instead. But vve need the money to get the hen back. Knock it off and be quiet or I tell your grandfather. My sister left this under my pillow. This, you stole from your grandfather’s prayer room. It’s not enough to get the hen. What shall we do? When is our deadline? Day after next. What are you thinking? I’m thinking what to do with this money. And you? Me? Yes. You know. You’re not thinking anything. I’m thinking hovv to steal more money from grandfather. What do you mean? Don’t be mad. I won’t do anything bad. You’d rather be angry at that jackRadio Online, Suresh. True, but sometimes you hurt me. I worry about things you say. Don’t worry, I am here for you. Look, he’s here. Hey! Stop that playing. Kiran! Give this tika to the Untouchables outside. Kiran’s father not coming? No, stuck at the office. Work for the government, comply with their rules. True! He’ll take you both to the city. Oh yeah? What would the village do without me? What if your grandfather finds out? I’ll just tell him I lost my geometry box. Want to buy a geometry box? You? Yes. I want to buy it. Do you have the money? I’ll get money at my uncle’s house during Dashain and pay you back. This isn’t Suresh’s, no credit here. It’s from the Royal family. Don’t make fun of Suresh. He’s the only one who can afford it. Why are you being a jerk? Get lost. Why hide beautiful chicks in such a lousy basket? Let them play outside. Why be a smartRadio Online’? It’s none of your business. Leave my chickens alone. Can’t keep your ovvn hen and you want to lecture me? Why get angry? Aren’t vve friends? We are friends. Then hovv come you seem to forget it? When they lay eggs, I’ll give you both one. Give them eggs? You go inside. Didn’t you hear me? Get inside. What are you staring at? We don’t have the money. So what’s your plan? We tried our best to get it. The only way is to ask Tenzing for more time. No way, forget it, I’m not giving my watch to Tenzing. Where’s the grandpa Tenzing? He brought this hen from Karkibada village. We’re asking about Tenzing. Tenzing brought this hen. Isn’t she beautiful? You mean Tenzing is inside? Yes. Grandpa! We could only collect R. What? I need more money than that, won’t do. Scram. Please grandpa! I don’t give a darn. Please give us a few more days. We’ll find the rest. Forget it. I said scram. If he finds out, he’ll skin us alive. They’re all at the monastery. No, let’s find another way. Think about it, Prakash. No one’s around. Now, nobody will knovvthis is Karishma. See, hovv clever I am. Here! Hey Prakash! Have you got the meal? Yes! I made it earlier. Ok, good. Look at that! Where did you get that hen? This hen? Yes. I bought it for R. Where did you get the money? Bijuli left it under the pillow when she left. Then, you should have given me that money. I got this hen for a cheap price. Isn’t that good? Yes. Seems like a good deal. That’s a good boy. You did very well. Look! Clucking again! Hovv come you and your sister always find cluckers? Can’t you hear? Throw it out! Someone put my bag here Online Radio Australia Go to your row. You don’t sit here. What’s going on? Come with me. You too. Why are you hiding? Let’s find Karishma. This bush has big thorns. Why should I do it alone? Then let’s go. You always have to talk a lot. Be careful, don’t hurt Karishma. She’s here. I can hear her. Prakash! Can you see her? What are you asking me, you Radio Online! Hey! Where are you? Hurry up. Did you get her? My clothes. You look cool. Don’t joke. Hurry up! Harder! Harder! Kiran, where are you going? He’s the one Online Radio Australia Where is his friend? What’s wrong? Go inside. Where is your Radio Online hen? Where did you hide it? Take us there. Where is it? I left her here, Maybe somebody took her. Look at this Radio Online. We’ll find her soon enough. Whatever you do, do it fast. Don’t make more trouble. Just give me my money back. I promise father! I kept her here. Maybe she flew away. You are always lying. You told me the hen was eaten by a jackal. And in fact you hid it here! I v\/ill break your legs! One more glRadio Online, please! You’ve already had three. I won’t give you more. What? That’s not fair. I brought you a hen that lays eggs. What about your other debt? Please don’t let me down. Just one more glRadio Online. No more for you, you always make trouble. Ok, this is the last one. Where is the hen, Jit? What hen? You have the hen. Which hen? Durga and these kids say you have carrying the hen. I saw you carrying the hen. Don’t be smart. What did you see? Look. I found it. Here, take your hen! Why did you colour it black? This Radio Online is to blame for everything. Troublemaker! I’ll break your legs! Go easy on him Online Radio Australia Don’t hit him that hard. Where are you going, huh? No leaving without paying. Just keep a tab. I won’t eat and run. Your grandfather’s going to pay? I’ll pay you later. Nope! Pay it or else I’m keeping you here all day. Look, the hen thief is here. Aunty! Yes. Tie your chickens tightly. Okay, I will. There’s a new thief in town. Hovv dare you, untouchables, taint my water! Didn’t you see he tainted my water? Hey kid! What’s wrong? Why are you crying? Mother! Give Prakash some food. The people have already arrived from the city to show the film. Come to the school tomorrow evening. Don’t miss your chance. Hey neighbour! Please cover the slogan nicely.

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