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I await you with open arms! Let’s have something to eat. How are you? Thanks for coming, I’m glad to have you here. I’d rather not be here, I don’t have good news. I just received a tip about you from the DA’s office. The DA’s office? They want to issue an arrest warrant to the presidential offices of Parliament. An arrest warrant? That’s absurd. Well, it concerns a dead girl. I got mixed up in that by chance, I didn’t even know the girl. I’m not the one to convince! They’re investigating a night of drugs, and with a minor. Listen, you know what? As things stand, in this country, a guy like me, who’s gotten where he is, and arrived where I’ve arrived, can tell the Judiciary to off! I’m a Member of the Parliament of the Republic of Italy. They can shove it up their ass! You know I’m always here for you. Thank you. This is nothing personal. This is the Norwegian salmon that our friend orders. ! Everything okay? Excuse me. At :, after the Chamber’s final approval of the Budget… Could you turn up the radio? The Prime Minister will present his resignation to President Napolitano. The Budget has received final approval, we await the resignation, then the Head of State will begin consultations. For the outgoing Prime Minister, many meetings, starting with one with his probable successor. Annamaria dear, this is Malgradi, would you put the Prim… Filippo Malgradi. Put the Prime Minister on, please? I have to speak to him before he leaves. Annamaria, if we go to elections, he’s not risking alone, we all are. If we go to early elections, my seat has to be secure. Five minutes and I’ll be… Damned slut! A small crowd has gathered before Montecitorio and Palazzo Chigi…. Dirty crooks! What’s all this? Piazza Colonna is closed off, people are standing, waiting, their eyes on the entrance to Palazzo Chigi. What’s happening? Good evening, it’s all closed-off. Look… The Prime Minister’s waiting for me. Sorry, it’s all blocked. Sorry, excuse me. Resign, resign… Excuse me, I must get through! Excuse me, sorry! Malgradi, you crook! Go home, at your age. Let me through, please! Excuse me! Don’t shout, I can hear you! No need to yell, I can hear you! Go home! Excuse me, sorry. Will you let me through? The Prime Minister is waiting for me! Will you let me through? I must see the Prime Minister! Mr. Prime Minister! Mr. Prime Minister, we have to talk! They’re attacking us! Mr. President, you mustn’t resign! The Judiciary, Mr. Prime Minister! I have to be re-elected! It doesn’t matter. Anyway, he got the law passed, didn’t he? If there are new elections, we’ll find a politician, maybe on the other side. Yeah. Are you leaving already? Yes. But I’ll come by tomorrow. Mom, the cake? You didn’t even taste it, I went all the way to the Kosher shop to get it. I don’t like anything anymore. You’re tellin’ me! I have to make such an effort. It’s raining so hard. Wait a while. I’m all covered up. Want me to eat some? Just a little. How much? A lot or a little? A little. Like this? Are you glad? Good girl. Bye, Mom. Bye. You’re making a mistake. Move. I want to make a deal. A deal? With me? Yes, with you. to pay rent. There was just something about that woman that annoyed the out of me. At this moment, my client feared for his life. Don’t do it. I haven’t done anything. He had a split-second to defend himself. There was no way to know he wasn’t reaching for a gun. You can see from the infant’s point of view my client cooperated fully with authorities. It’s what he was doing an hour earlier that concerns me, and perhaps, a jury. Your client’s judgment was severely impaired. Let’s discuss a plea agreement. Sir, there’s… I see it. Charlie, how are the girls? Still spending money like I got it. James Cray. Shot between the eyes. An hour ago and change. Why is there a block on his record? Charlie. When do we know who shot him? Take a look how it ends. You’re cleared. He enters his apartment. Five minutes later, he’s checking stock prices. That’s when it gets interesting. Did I say I wasn’t interested? Shit. Who are you? He sees what the killer sees.

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