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We’re clear right! On the ground. On the ground! Don’t come at me. Get on the ground. . Shh. Down. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Drummer, we got this. Check that room! Roger. Keep time. Hey, hey, hey, hey! Get off me! Get on the ground. Are we clear? Clear, Roberts. It’s okay. Hey. Hey. It’s okay. Nice and easy. Lance Corporal, are we clean’? Drummer, are we clear? All clear! Room’s clear, just checking on dead. I haven’t checked those mother ers over there yet. Oh, he’s good. He’s good. Jesus Christ. Look at this . Whoo! Flat screens… Blue diamond… this is big bear actual, building secure, four insurgents down. Requesting immediate evac, over. Come on. Oh, . You see that? I’m on it. Drummer. Little joy. So… About the incident. You keep calling it “the incident.” How does it make you feel? It makes me feel like . Let’s write that down. Does that work? I’m sorry, sir. I felt betrayed. Betrayed? Yeah, I think if it was anybody but him, I wouldn’t feel like that. It was him. I see. I… I thought we were talking about the incident in the room. What you call it… What is it? You keep going back to that incident. I thought the room was clear. The room was clear. Goddamn it! ! What the . Oh, . I got a civilian. Oh, Dev. Dev. Dev, I… Dev. Dev. . Where? Corpsman up! Johnny’s great. I need a corpsman now! I’m sorry. Sorry. Fight, Dev! Fight, mother er, fight! It was good to talk to you. I can’t wait to see you. We’ll see. All clear! Yes, sir. Yeah, I thought the area was secure. I thought it was clear. It wasn’t. There was a mother and a son in there, and I can’t take that back. I can’t rewind, you know. It’s just… just one of them things. Hey, Johnny, let’s go! Hey, baby, let’s go! I’m serious! Gabe. “Oh, my. Daddy! Hey, go back upstairs, okay? Mommy’s gotta talk… Go back upstairs now! Hey, baby… Please… Oh, my God. I just feel like I’m dead, sir. I don’t give a anymore. You think about dying often? Oh, man, you just keep… You know, I can’t… I’m sorry, sir, I can’t do this anymore. Gabriel. I’m just trying to talk to you. What is the right answer, “yes?” Write yes. What’s the right answer? Write the right answer. Just give me the right answer. I’ll say whatever you want me to say. The emails. Did you know before or after the incident? You keep calling it the incident. You keep going back to that incident. The fact that another Marine was present at the time is understandably cause for concern. You need a fall guy. That’s what this is. You just need a fall guy. No, that’s your paranoia speaking. There’s no agenda here. I’m simply trying to understand what happened. You can’t understand what happened. You will never understand what I’m going through. Maybe. No, not maybe. No, maybe I can understand guilt. I can understand regret. I can understand betrayal. These are all human conditions. Now, you brought up suicide before, and that concerns me. Do you want to kill yourself, Gabriel? Do you really want to kill yourself? Yes. Then what stops you? This. Pop the trunk. So, what happens now, I go home with this letter that says I was weak and I couldn’t handle it, and everything’s just fine again? No. Again, no. I’d like to offer up a few suggestions toward dealing with those feelings, If! may. They’re not feelings, sir. They’re real. What happened in that room is real. What happened with my wife is real. Listen, that’s an important statement you just made. The physical world isn’t a lie, Gabriel. You believed the room was clear. Yes? Yes, sir. It’s not worth it. They say % of people supposedly regret it the second they jump. Where the they got that statistic, I don’t know. Make it up. Word is, they could strike anytime, anywhere. War’s coming home. No one called me. What do you think I’m doing here? Mom. I don’t know. What are you doing here? Gabe! Listen… But, Mom, he’s here. I’ll come get you in a second. Go on. They’re setting up intelligence at our old base. That doesn’t trouble you? What troubles me is I got a mound of paperwork saying I’m mentally incompetent. That troubles me a ton. That got you home, didn’t it? I don’t care what they say about you. This is end-of-the-world, neck-deep-in- stuff. I need you in it. I’m done. You’re never done. I’m done, Dev. Your first meeting back will be critical. For Jonathan. And you. I’d like to talk about what you’ll be returning to stateside. I mean, I know what I’m returning to. Yes, but in case it isn’t what you are expecting or hoping for. I’m not hoping for anything. I’m responsible for these terrible things I can’t change. Hey. Hey, Gabe. I just don’t want the kid to hurt. Hey. Gabe, I need you to talk to him. Okay. Baby, I’m so sorry. I mean, it’s fine if you need to punish me still, but I need you to… I’m not punishing you. Tell me what… Tell me what to do. Take off your shirt. Really? Okay. Okay. Is this what you want? No. What can I do? Nothing. My watch says seven. What’s your world clock say? Seven. Seven. I guess our time is up, sir. I have nowhere to be. Would you like to continue? Your time is up, my time is up, but thank you for yours. Drummer.

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