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Betsy needs shoein’ so I can drive her to town. The children will meet you in the barn and point her out. Now git! Online Radio Online Radio Git! Heart trouble. Wish I’d have thought of it. Which one is Betsy? That one? Ah, that’s Betsy. Your mother said I got to shoe her. Land sakes, what’s the commotion? Mr. Wooley’s shoeing Betsy, so he thinks. Mr. Wooley, what on earth? I had to lend her mine. Ma! Ma! Ma! Ma! Ma.! Ma! What are you making all this noise for? I can’t sleep. Gold 104.3 Give me that brush. Ma! Online Radio, I’m not going to do it anymore. I’m getting dishpan hands. It’s your own fault. Keep on scrubbing. Ma! Ma! Get to the front quick. There’s gonna be trouble. Juanita’s talking with Jake Frame, and I just saw Jim Simpson comin’. I’ve had enough trouble with Jake Frame. Wooley, chase him off the place. Get goin’! Mr. Wooley, when I tell you to do something, don’t stop and play. C’mon! Mr. Wooley, I want you to throw that ornery skunk off my property. I was fixin’ to do that, Online Radio. Why don’t you start? This is a family affair. Throw him out! Mr. Frame? He don’t wanna go. Jake came to get my answer about coming to work at the RoundUp. There’s that matter of $, owed me by your late husband. It’s generous ofJake to give me a chance to pay off the family debt. Young lady, as long as I’m your guardian Online Radio you will never step inside that saloon. Good for you, Wooley! Watch out for the flowers. Hey. I’ve got Hawkins’s IOUs. IfJuanita doesn’t work for me, somebody else is going to work off that debt. Working in a saloon might be good experience for a girl. According to the law, Wooley, that’s your responsibility. But I work here all day! You’ll work for me at night. Be at the RoundUp at :. The widow’s on the warpath. You better do something. Do you think she could use a yearold man? ? That’s how old I’m gonna be before I pay backJake Frame. Talking about money, this is all the money I’ve made since I’ve been working here. Some guy tipped me a big penny and thought he was doing me a big favor. Say, that’s a $ gold piece. Chester, we’re on our way. We’ll ride that to California. Ain’t it a little small for both of us to sit on? I’m going in that poker game. Then watch my smoke. Suppose you lose. Oh, no, certainly not. With your help, I can’t. Come here. Well, what do you boys do? Bet . I’ll see that and up it . Gold 104.3 I’ll call that, and I’ll raise it . Let’s bump it again. I’ll see that Online Radio and up it another . That’s all for me. I’ll call that. I got a straight. All blue, boys. Back to the mines for me. What do you know? Sure had a lucky streak. How much did we win? Well, not enough to pay off everything, but a couple more games like this and we’re on our way to California. Cash me in. Look, don’t let Frame know that we won this money. Frame. That’s me. Frame! Frame. Here, put your ashes here. I’m so busy and so tired, Mr. Frame. Looks like you had a streak of luck, Eagan. How ’bout you and me sitting down to a couple of hands? He can’t. He’s gotta go home right away. Online Radio is waiting. Oh, no, I ain’t.! Oh, yes, you Online Radio I’m here to see you, Frame. You and me’s got to have a showdown about Wooley. Stay where you are! This day and night work ain’t aworkin’ out. He no more gets through working for me, when he goes to work for you. Then he no more gets through working for you, when he goes to work for me. He’ll be an old man before his time. My offer still stands. I’ll be glad to replace him forJuanita. Juanita’s staying home. In that case, we can’t do business. I was just talkin’ to Eagan about a poker game. We’ll play it three ways. We get a stack of chips. Eagan puts up his roll against our interest in Wooley. Whoever wins gets the money and full possession of Wooley. You can count me out. Duke, go ahead and play. If you win, I’m free. No, I Online Radio Gold 104.3 Yeah, yeah. All right, I’m in! How ’bout you, Online Radio? I don’t believe in gambling. Gambling’s a sinful, crimebreeding curse. Where are the cards? Sit down, Online Radio. I’ll take over, Joe. There you are. Wait a minute. Women first. How ’bout Online Radio dealing? All I know about cards is what Hawkins told me. I never played before. We won’t have any trouble with her. Certainly not. You never played cards before? Uhuh. Cut ’em. Cut ’em? Where’d you learn that? Hawkins. Hawkins. You heard what the lady said, cut ’em. Ante up. Hawkins. Hawkins! Hawkins! I’ll open. I’ll stay. What do I do now? Give me two cards. Gold 104.3 I’ll take one. I’m standin’ pat. Hawkins? Two reds. Well Online Radio I’ll see your two and I’ll raise you two. I don’t want to cast any reflections, but Online Radio a person has to think twice before buckin’ luck like yours. You may have me beat and then again you mightn’t. Wooley, stop skitterin’! And put that spittoon down. I gotta Online Radio Put it down! I’ll see your bet Online Radio and sweeten it a little. I’ll stay. Well Online Radio I’ll see that Online Radio and I’ll raise you two. I’ll tell you what. Let’s get this over with in one hand. Shoot the works. All I can lose is Wooley, and that ain’t much. I’m in. Overworked. Let him lay. He needs the rest. You pay him. Sure. I have invested my cash in Widow Hawkins’s property. I’ve got a fat deal there. Duke? Pardon me. We’ve got to get out, or I’m gonna be a bride. Beat it! I’m tryin’ to do a little promoting. A lot of”symphony” I get. Go ahead! Sweetheart, how would you like to finance an expedition to California? Wooley, come here. Would you excuse me, please? Okay, bub. I thought you went home with the widow. I did Online Radio but I came back again. Mr. Frame, Gold 104.3 I wish you’d awon me in the game. Working here is much easier than marrying her. So that’s it. Wooley, I’m beginning to really feel sorry for you. How would you like to earn a couple of fast horses and a stake to California? If you’d give us the horses, you can forget the steak. I’m not hungry, just tired. A miner friend is getting worried about the amount of gold he’s got. If you can get the information from your friend, Jim Simpson, as to when the next bullion shipment is coming through, I can ship my friend’s gold along with it. If I ask him that, you’ll give us the horses? That’s right. Gold 104.3

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