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This is where it ends, Zack. We can make this easy, or hard. And there are going to be consequences for what you two have already done. Go get Rachel. Rachel? Aah. David. Grab your shoes, we’re getting out of here. Zack is with me. Hurry! Let’s go. Let’s go. You moved that table. What you can do Zack, it will be child’s play once I reach my full potential. Oh , Zack. Are you okay? Take another step and I put a bullet right between his eyes! Drop the gun. You won’t do it. Jesus! Alright. We both put them down at the same time. Deal? I said to put the gun down, Michael! Oh . Kurt and the others are coming. We got to go. Alright. Okay. I’m going to kill him. Aah! Come on. Let’s get out of here. . Come on. They got David. Let’s go. Somebody is gonna come. This is it, Connors. Connors, meadows, let’s go. That’s it. C’mon. Stop. Don’t do that! Get out. Get out your car. Take it easy. You’re gonna help me. Get him into your car. Okay? Okay. We’re gonna get out of here. Okay? Come on. Come on. I’m really sorry, but I’m gonna have to take your car. Where’s Elliot and the other two? No sign of them yet. They ran out towards the road. Where were you going, Armstrong? Answer my question, Armstrong. I was just following Zack. Useless, as usual. Take Levine off his cycle and get him in my office. And get Rayne down here now. And make sure Armstrong here gets into the holding room. Juice him up good. I want him out cold. Give me a towel. You gonna be okay? Yeah I think so. . How did you find me? Slovak found me. He wanted me to come to the institute. Knew we had history, and used you to bait me. He’s a maniac, Zack. Did you knew he was one of us? He is not one of us. He threw a table through the air like it was nothing. It’s sympathetic. There’s something in our DNA, something he can extract from us and inject into himself. It makes him like us. He’s been extracting me too Games Did you bring what I asked for? Everything you need to know about Connors is in there. His previous addresses, friends, girlfriend Games He was reported missing years ago. This is good. I’m going to need you to stick around here for the day, in case these two decide to make their way back here. You’re a funny guy. You don’t pay me to work security. Consider it a promotion. Can I talk to you for a second? -Yeah. They found Elliot. He’s dead. And the other two? They got away for now. Stole a car once they hit the road. We got the make and model from the driver. Where’s the driver now? Well, apparently Connors put on a little show for him, he was asking questions, so we took care of him. Good. What about Vince? Potter is cleaning him up. He’ll be fine. Levine is in your office. He hasn’t had an injection since last night. Tell Rayne to put out an apb out on the car they took. Bring in any additional security we can. I think I know where they’re going. It was his last known address when he was reported missing. The father is still there, a retired state police officer. Rayne tells us nothing has been called in yet, so it’s unlikely they will contact authorities.

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