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Here is the information of the tomb and our contract. I’ll sign the contract. What contact? What the hell are you doing? It’s been so many years Mr. Kai. Mojins as a team; United we stand, devided we fall. Hu Bayi, son of a , has betrayed us! It doesn’t matter if we have money. So let’s do it. Let me suggest something for the sake of your sincerity Another fifty thousand. What? Thirty thousand? No way! You misunderstood. She means she’ll triple your offer. Far enough for people like you. Sign the contract then. Oh Yeah. off. You got money huh ? Cash or check? You think you are something? you people who think money can buy everything. Mr. Kai! You wanna buy me out with money? Let me tell you, no bloody way. I am Wang Kaixuan, Mr. Kai! Why are you sleeping in the tent? Weirdo. According to Fengshui today today is not a good day for trade or marriage… Enough! No one wants to marry you. I was planning to see you after I woke up… and discuss about us… What about us? Your attitude already made the conclusion. You are allowed to regret. I don’t regret it. So? Yeah? So what? I’m not here to argue with you. You have something delivered to my place. Ah. This is the last time I pick it up for you. Next time I’ll leave it at the door. You go get it. Hey. . Take it easy… If you leave us alone we’ll be in a mess. Ciao. Hey! Just wanna tell you that I’m back to China. Not because of you. I don’t have time for the argument. I’m going to check out this tomb from Liao Dynasty. It has nothing to do with money, and I didn’t mean to tell you this… Yeah, right. But the Equinox flower… You do remember this flower right? The special kind of lily mentioned by Ding appears again. This time I came back tor Ding. I need to find out what’s going on. It’s up to you to join me or not. Going back to old business again. And now he’s trying to drag you into this by sending this inveracious tape. No. Wang would never use Ding Sitian as the bait. Who’s Ding Sitian? , Inner Mongolia, China Twenty years ago, Wang and I relocated ourselves in Inner Mongolia for ‘Up to the Mountains and Down to the countryside’. That summer we marched into the forbidden area led by the herdsmen, searching for the thousand year Goddess tomb, to destroy the ‘Four-olds’. Ding Sitian was our comrade her parents were both renowned botanists. Ding was talented in music and art. Thousands of red hearts facing Beijing Thousands of smiling faces greeting the red sun in praise of Long Life for Chairman Mao Dear Chiarman Mao… Ah! What’s the matter? You stay put and don’t move! The wheel is stuck! What should we do? Don’t panic! Everybody push, hurry! Ding, come. It’s okay. I can to it. You haven’t finished your flower collection yet right? Let me know If you are missing any and I’ll find it for you. Leave all the hard work to Wang, he can surely handle it. He can climb up to the moon and dive down to the ocean. While we sing and dance on the ground. I’ll stay with you Hey Hey! ‘It’s not difficult to commit some misdeeds. But it’s difficult to commit only misdeeds and no good deeds,’ said Chairman Mao. He meant exactly you. Attention! What happened? Be alarmed, enemy ahead! Get your weapons, hurry! Come and take this! Go! Ding,don’t worry. Hey! Take a look there. Watch out the mud. They are enemies? They’re only statues. More over there! And here! There too! Don’t get closer. Why? …guarded by the stones… blessed by the Goddess… What’s he saying? He says that we’ve arrived to the limbo of life and death. These are the guards of the Underworld. We must go no further or else none will return. You know this . What’s going on here? This area is indeed strange. Throughout the history we working class people would always break the emperors’ tombs for revolutions! True! Indeed! It shows the determinations against the feudal power! Hold on, hold on! Hold on! The Great Chairman Mao said All power can be united must be united, right? Right! Look! These soldiers were the proletarians of the old days! Shouldn’t we unite them too? You got a point. Bull . All counter-reactionaries must be abolished. Excuse us to disturb you…Excuse us… Only the greatest ambitions and sacrifice lead to a brave new world! A brave new world! Let’s destroy the statues! Destroy them! Harder! Through all hardship victory will be ours! Comrades, this is a great victory of the people! Great victory! Now let’s go and destory the tomb of the Goddess! They’ve gone mad What’s the matter? Something’s wrong. Hold on. Attention. Watch out everybody! Something’s moving underground. Shut up you superstitious counterrevolutionary two-faces. Oh my god… Get Ding out of there! Run! This way! Run! Run! This way! Run! You are all the paper tigers! Hurry UP! Get down! Go! Quickly! Hurry UP! Ding! Wang! Hu, come here! Go! Come here quickly! Here! Inside! Cover it! We’ve lost so many comrades. What do we do now? It’s okay. There’s always something. Stay calm. Stay calm. Wang! Wang! Here’s a door. Where is this place? Be careful. Follow up! What the hell is this place? It’s so deep. Watch out the steps. Is this the way out?

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