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He will become an addition to it, I’ll manage him with the others. Good! Very Good! Please carry on. You know what? No! There’s nobody like you in my friend list. What does that mean? Somebody who’s caring, possesive, protective. I’m neither hitting on you nor being possessive. advising you like a friend No! like a brother . Shhhhh! Stop it. Pooja you haven’t heard anything. Relax. Just Relax. Breathe out! It’s okay. How could you think I’m like your sister? Do you see any flaws in me? Yeah right! Keep laughing, laughter is the best medicine after all. Together, waves wave their hands as the shore nods in agreement You are the music to my breath and words to my heart The girl with less sister characteristics and more of a girlfriend. Coffee? Tomorrow? and every tune is slowly making me feel euphoric I will become your shadow even when it’s dark Will walk with you, while you walk towards me I will reach your heart, and will rest on your lap I don’t need anything else This feeling is new to me Give something new to me A new world may be Pester me for the secret I haven’t revealed With words so soothing, that my senses calm down I will be your shadow’s shadow as I walk together And wait for you while you come towards me This feeling is new to me Give something new to me A new world may be The love that you haven’t seen Will be gifted to you For, just dreams, I will not promise The words hidden in my heart Can I accept them like a sweet defeat? Smitha! let it through! Come! Come! Hi! this is Aasthi! Alok’s friend. Hi! Smitha. Okay! let’s go! It’s already too late. Bye! Okay bye! Should we really have to go? Tomorrow what time will you meet? It depends on what time you let me go today. You’ve never seen me wearing a saree no? No! I’ve never seen you while wearing a saree. I’ll wear a saree tomorrow, If you promise to come soon. Okay? Bye! Bye! What’s your favorite color? Pink Color. He was wearing Pink color shirt sir! My brother is mentally ill. He may appear nomal, but at times he is out of control. ACP had asked to take a look at the boy. Did nobody come near the apartment, from am till pm? The lady in the apartment is not a respectable woman None of us knew about him visiting her often. Nobody else came. Only him. He came twice in this week. The first time he came, he left in minutes. The second time he came She must have trapped him after knowing he’s rich. Stand outside! I’ll call you again! Money is not of importance, Avinash. Our family has a reputation in this society. This case is very embarrassing Everything has a price in this world, Avinash. I’m writing yours in bold. Get up your Bast**d! During the murder, apart from Aasthi, nobody else has entered the house. The numbers written in the register, are switched off. The guy in the lock up, isn’t responding at all. You leave! I’ll come and look into it. Summon Aasthi to police station, and then file a FIR against him. Everything has a price, agreed. but not everybody can afford to buy everything. This is the price of my mercy on you. Your work will be done. You can leave. Hi! Good Morning! Has Alok come to work? Not Yet! Good Morning Madam! Smitha, is this looking good? He will come and tell you! As the cloud sways with winds, every droplet turns into a pearl The bud turns into a flower, and waits to turn into a bee’s adulation Beyond the ocean, Beyond my emotions, Like a dream turning into reality. Did it rain? Did the drops turn into pearl? Beyond the ocean, Beyond my emotions, Like a dream turning into reality. Did it rain? Did the drops turn into pearl? Waiting for you at dusk, as love turns into a pearl And it drifts into a silence Done shopping? Yes! What did you buy? Excuse Me! Does Aasthi live here? He stays in third floor! Could you guide them to his house? Okay come! Go and bring him, if he’s there. Ok Sir! Four Dresses! Four? What all? Shirts and pants. Your clothes must be so lucky. Why will they be lucky? It gets to hug you an entire day. Nobody is opening the door. There’s nothing I can do about that. Naughty guy! Were you inside the room all this while?

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