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There’s already an end? You hear Monty’s introducing our product at App Expo next month. Keynote speaker is Luke Andrews of NightSky fame. Pressure getting to you? Oh, I guess your app won’t be ready in time. Maybe you ladies should just give up and start collecting Social Security. Oh. Sorry. laughter ! Don’t listen to those tools. No, it’s not that. I knew him. Luke Andrews? Yeah. Maybe he’ll help launch our app. I think I think I’m gonna Ohh. Talk about oomph. Diego, mi amor. I believe in miracles Where you from You thing thing, you I believe in miracles Since you came along You thing knocking Where did you come from, baby? How could you know I needed Uh Who are you? I’m Emma. Are you the one who lost this beautiful cat? Yeah. You saw Ajax? I’m pretty sure it was him. I mean, those eyes are hard to miss. Where? When? I could show you now, if you have time. Nothing is more important to me than finding my pets, so yes. Amen to that. Okay. Um, let’s do it. Focus. You want this ball. You need this ball! Go get it! Go get it! What is that? Is that running? That’s not running. Pathetic. grunts Yes! Oh, two legs? What a terrible idea. Bad, bad boy! Bad boy, bad boy! Bad dog. Bad, bad dog! dog growls So are you an animal person? Definitely a cat person. Not so much dogs though. Cats are just so much more refined. Yeah, I guess with a cat, you sort of have to earn their love. But once you earn a cat’s love, you’ve got it forever. Are you okay? I think I could some water. Okay. Buying stuff. I guess I can make this happen. Dude, where the hell are you? Monty’s asking for you. It’s DEFCON over here. You would not believe the hotness of the guy I’m with right now. He’s like a fourth grade teacher mixed with like an alien. Wait. An alien? I don’t know where he came from. He just shows up at my door. That is weird. His hair is perfect, and he’s got like a He’s just He’s so hot, and his His name is Diego. Diego? Wait. Oh, my God. Hold on a second. Okay, does he have the most incredible eyes you’ve ever seen? Green like almost golden? Yeah, yeah, like golden like a thousand blazing suns. It’s like the key to my heart. How did you know? That’s him! Dude, he’s like this overnight sensation. He’s the newest male supermodel. So I give you this, and you give me that. Huh. People skills. screeches You know what, I’ll call you back. Wait, wait, wait, hey! Thank you for calling. Hi. Thank you. What? Nothing. Now, you’ve all been good boys, so I’m gonna give you each a treat. Is this like a nutritional bar? Just remember, at all times, I am the alpha dog! barks Now, to answer your question, these are the world’s best treats. They strengthens your bones, they add sheen to your coat, and they clean your teeth, and that is all you need to know! All right, all right. Tomorrow at dawn. Don’t be late. So, Diego, what is it that you do? Diego. I don’t really know what it’s called. It’s just stuff, you know. But they do have this big aquarium at the office. Pretty cool. Oh, so you like fish? Especially sushi. Maybe we could go to dinner sometime.

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