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Yankee Zulu X-ray holding short. Hey, Capitan, what’s our ETA? Uh, with a good tailwind it’s about a -minute flight. Nice. Plenty of time to get shitfaced before concert, eh? Well, you’re well on your way. You guys want one? No. All right, more for me. What are those for? Motion sickness. Oh, motion sickness, yeah. Try not to yak on me on this flight, okay, sweetcheeks? Thanks for being so supportive. At least it’s only like an hour-and-a-half flight. The drive up there was brutal. Remember it? But we might get a decent camping spot this year, which would be amazing. I don’t know. I heard there’s supposed to be twice as many people this year. How about you just relax? There’s going to be plenty of room. That’s what you said last year. So? So we ended up sleeping in a ditch! That’s funny because I don’t remember being in a ditch. I’m surprised you remembered your name after all that tequila. Oh yeah. Gulfwing to Foxtrot, you’re pulling Pantheon in a seven mile final wind, at . How many times have you done this? You mean solo’d? Yeah, no instructor, no copilot, just you. Plenty. You need a lot of hours before they let you fly a twin. How about in this plane? How many times in this plane? Well, never, because it’s a rental. No, you know what I mean. Like like this type of plane. Enough. Okay? Enough. Whoa. Whoa, guys. Look what we got here, huh? Is that what I think it is? Whoo-hoo, yeah, it’s a parachute. If anything happens, we got this, right? Whoo! Bail out, huh? Bail out! Be careful with that. All right, all right. Just just playing. Well, play with something else. Oh, okay. Like that? Oh yeah. Don’t encourage him. Very good. Yankee Zulu X-ray cleared for takeoff, left. Once you’re ‘, contact Lakeview Center, one one niner decimal one. Yankee Zulu X-ray, cleared for takeoff, left. Okay, here we go. Buckle up back there. Whoo! Please insert tab into buckle. Okay, line ups; cowl flaps open; mixture rich; props forward; transponder alt; lights on; fuel pumps on; DG set; power set. Whoo-hoo! Let’s do it, huh?

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