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Where do I work Where is my home? What is my vehicle number? Am I a vegetarian? Am I a meat eater? How much do I earn? How much loan have I taken? My shirt size, my pant size, Including my boxers’ size. Every tiny detail sits in a file, inside an online profile. Not just mine, all of ours. If a team is interested in collecting it, there’s a team that is interested in buying it. In technical terms, it is called THE BIG DATA. Flipkart and Amazon, these companies, use this information and do business. Collecting and selling of this information is completely legal. But,with SUDHAR, Government, to transfer benefits has linked bank accounts with the SUDHAR Number And this is complicated! Imagine a thief has all these details, and starts stealing just rupee from all the accounts. We are a population of crores. A lot of people have saved their black money elsewhere. And, for accounts like these, fingerprints act as passwords. What if the thief targets the black money holders? Nobody will complain if a rupee is lost. It’s the same with black money holders. Information is money, it can be stolen, and once stolen, it can be sold too. There’s a huge market for this on the internet. What kind of market is this? This is a very weird market, Somebody toils, and somebody else reaps benefits. Our job is to just transport things. His shaving, her waxing. Dad pays electricity bill, mom buys vegetables. Grandfather departing on his final journey. Grandmother getting admitted in a hospital. Husband shifts to Dubai, While wife sits in Mangalore. They were brought closer by a small Megapixel web camera. Every bit of their information online, Brings in money to us. Try extracting information directly or indirectly, if it doesn’t happen, steal. Yes Boss! You can’t hide anything from us, we are always watching you. Massager for Back Pain! Cold packs for back pain. Spray for back pain . Pain vanishes in a moment Green Tea for hairloss. Almond oil! Almond Oil! Tummy Trimmer! Make up fanatic! Skin doctor patient! Selfie camera customer. People who often eat outside – Gastritis Soon to visit a cardiologist. Placed in Chennai, Weekends will be here, weekdays will be there. People who travel often, Also, girls in need of accommodation. Sunscreen companies, OK Boss! Ours is the most secured bank, Welcome to the family. Thank you! I have lost Rs. from my account. Sangeetha Rajan, come here. Even I’ve lost Lakh Rupees. Listen carefully! It’s difficult to catch something that is seen. This is a lost case. We both sell the same product, Yet, people buy it from only him? Business is not like selling peanuts. You should have data. What is data? You won’t understand if I tell you. Wait! I’ll bring you proper data. Wait! I’ll pay how much ever you want. Will you take me with you? I don’t want money. Will you give your data? Okay! I’ll give. Come. ‘Information!’ ‘information!’ ‘Data!’ This is deep web. The data we obtain is sold, bought, and exchanged here. We can get fake passport, visa, driving license, of any country here, and it’s as good as original. All kinds of weapons are available here. You can buy it like you’re ordering shorts online. You could get people killed, nobody will know who did it. Getting high is just a click away. All the pictures you send, lies naked in front of us. I cannot let you go beyond this let this one thing go. What’s happening inside? Listen to me, let this go. I want to see what’s happening. Not here, come with me. Red room, this is where biddings happen. These are a bunch of psychos. This is human experimenting room. One person kidnaps people and bring them here. These people bid to cut the person’s hands, limbs, or wrists. He executes whatever the highest bidding is for. They watch it live and enjoy it. Another video is streaming live now. Head! Head! Head! Head! Head! We are all good by birth, This system slowly corrupts our ethics. In my years of administration, Nobody has ever been cheated. It’s okay if politicians lose crores of rupees, But a normal person shouldn’t lose a single rupee. Use the entire police force if needed Get the data back at any cost.

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