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Gregorio, and I think it’s our fault. They’ve gotten this from us. We have good reason to keep secrets. If we told them we were spies, they’d have visions of danger every time we leave the house. Speaking of secrets, what are you working on over here? Nothing important. It’s just… Why do we have to do this every morning? We already have P.E. at school. You gonna hang there all day, scaredy cat? Told you not to look down. I can’t help it. I’m slipping. It’s your butterfingers that are slipping. Hurry up! I can… You just fell feet. You’re a pancake. Am not. Are too. Don’t trip getting up, pancake. Butterfingers. We’ll see about that. Donnagon? Yeah. He’s missing. Is this what you were hiding from me last night? I didn’t want to worry you. We now return to Floop’s Fooglies. Juni, why do you watch that show? Because it’s cool. Why? Because that’s all you ever do. Play its video games and watch the tapes. Do you know why, Son? So, always remember, whatever you do, believe in yourself. Your dreams will come true for you and you and you. What’s this supposed to be, a self-portrait? What’s this supposed to be, a self-portrait? Mom, he’s mimicking me! Mom, he’s mimicking me! Carmen, leave your brother alone. Juni, stop talking like your sister. Stop it. Stop it. Look at this. It’s hideous. Well, talk to him. It’s a Fooglie idea. I designed it myself. Today, we’re very excited, because today, we have a new character! We found him snooping around the castle last night. I want you all to meet Donnamight. Dad, when Floop makes a toy out of that one, I want it! Honey! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Juni. Juni. Hey. Anybody gives you a hard time in there, remember, you are a Cortez. What’s so special about being a Cortez? Lots of things. Hey, it’s the mummy. Nice looking bandages, mummy. Just stop it, man. When I’m talking to you, you listen. Nice dolls. Here, let me see the dolls. Have a good day, Son. Show them who’s boss. Can I help you with something, macho? I said, “Can I help you with something, chief?” I didn’t think so. My dad was gonna beat up your dad. No more secrets. Deal? Soon. Definitely soon. I even have to share a room with him, because he’s so afraid of being alone. “Watch out for Juni.” “Take care of Juni.” “Show Juni right from wrong.” I shouldn’t be responsible for anybody but me. You’re so right, Carmen. What’s so special about being a Cortez? I wish I could go away to your world, Floop. You’d be my friend. I thank you all for attending today’s demonstration. Year after year, we pay outrageous sums of money to several inventors to come up with our technologies. Mr. Floop is one such visionary. However, his inventions are somewhat questionable and, therefore, need to be evaluated. You promised us an army, Mr. Floop, but our first billion dollars bought us only this. Mutated secret agents. The mutative process and brain wipe caused their minds to turn to mush. I have found little use for them except as novelties on my… Well, my children’s show, currently rated number two? Number two. What the devil are these finger men?

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